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So since a lot of you liked my previous "What Korean Dramas I'm Watching" I thought I would do another post because I started watching some new ones. All these drama just premiered so if you interested in watching any of these you can catch up on them on Drama Fever. Let's watch together!

Heirs (also known as The Inheritors)
I've been so excited for this drama ever since it was announced earlier this year! This drama is about a group of elite high school students that are the future successors of their families businesses but when they bump into the daughter of a maid their lives get turned upside down! I was so happy when I found out that Lee Min-ho was in this drama because I loved him in Boys Over Flowers! The first episode made me cringe like crazy (because of the Engrish) but the other episodes so far are pretty great and I especially can't wait for the next episode to air! It looks so juicy!

Answer Me 1994 (also known as Reply 1994)
I just started watching this drama today and so far it's pretty good. It shows a different side of Seoul that I haven't seen in other dramas before and that's because this drama is set in the early 90's. The drama is about a group of country bumpkins that live under the same household and are trying to get used to living in the city. But the actual plot is about this girl and how she manages to fall in love with one of the boys who lives in the house and ends up marrying him but we don't who she marries just yet so just sit back and watch as this old love story comes together. I wanted to watch this drama because I wanted to see how Seoul was back in the day (this drama was actually filmed this year) or at least get a picture of how it was like. So far I really like this drama the characters are very entertaining.

Passionate Love
I'm not caught up with this drama yet but I plan on having a binge later tonight! What I can tell you from the few episodes that I have seen is that this drama revolves around a wealthy family and their problems about handing down the family business to a trusted someone but the future son-in-law who is suppose to get the company from his father-in-law has a huge secret that the whole family knows nothing about. This is one of those long 50 episodes dramas that you have to be patient with, like "Your The Best, Lee Soon Shin". I really hate long dramas but this one doesn't seem to be as annoying as "Your The Best" was so I may actually finish this drama (I still haven't finished "Your the Best" yet, I think I'm on episode 40?).

What dramas are you currently watching?


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