Fitness Friday: Perfect Fit Sample Set

I always wanted to try some of the Perfect Fit protein so when I heard that they released a Perfect Fit sample set a few weeks I knew I had to get it! The whole set cost $7 and came with a packet of Perfect Fit protein, a Perfect Fit protein bar, a recipe card, and a lip balm. What did I think of their products? Keep reading to find out.

Perfect Fit Raw Organic Brown Rice Protein in Vanilla
I used my packet of Perfect Fit protein to make the Perfect Fit protein pancakes that I hear so much about. I used double the banana and no egg white. The pancake tasted really good! What I love about the Perfect Fit protein is that you can use it with everything, when baking or making drinks. I'm actually thinking about buying the 20 packet set but I'm still not sure since it still cost a lot.

The Perfect Fit protein cost $30 for a 20 packet set. You can buy the here.

Perfect Fit Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
This is the newest item to the Perfect Fit family. So how did it taste? It was very chocolaty with a slight nutty taste. I don't like chocolate too much but I thought since this has peanut butter in it that it would have more of a peanut buttery taste but I could barely taste the peanut butter. Honesty, I didn't like it so I wouldn't buy it especially with it costing $30 (I included shipping) but I'm happy that I tried it because I was interested in trying this bar.

The Perfect Fit protein bar cost $23 for a box of 9. You can buy it here.

Tone It Up Lip Balm with Sunscreen
This is a exclusive lip balm that came with this set it comes with sunscreen and smells amazing, really sweet!

Have you tried anything from Perfect Fit?


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