August Random Favorites

I already shared my beauty favorites from August earlier this week but now it's time to show you guys the non-beauty related items. Also, since I didn't do a July favorites I decided to include some things that I loved back in July in this post as well. I hope you guys enjoy!

Forever 21 Mickey Sweater: I have only had this sweater for a few days now but I'm absolutely in love with it! It's so cute and comfy! I just hope that it starts to cool down faster so I can wear more sweaters soon.

My Melody Phone Case: This was a July favorite but I would still consider it a August fave. My phone has been wearing this incredibly cute My Melody phone case that I got from ebay.

Lindt Hello My Name Is Coconut Love Chocolate Bar: If you have been following my blog then you know that I did a whole post of these Lindt chocolate bars so of course I had to include them in my August favorites!

Le Bunny Bleu Bunny Flats: These mint bunny flats are so adorable! I'm so happy to own these!

Love and Pink Infinity Bracelets: I got these bracelets back in July but I wore them a lot in August. I actually had planned a "arm candy" post back in July but when my laptop died I kind of had to scratch that post. Would you guys be interested in that post even though summer is coming to an end soon?

Natsume-San Book: This book has been a huge inspiration for me this past month. If you would like to know more at this book check out this post I did on it.

Minnie Mouse Bookmark: When I was in Florida a few months ago I saw this same bookmark at Target for $8 but I thought that was too much money for a bookmark but just last weekend I saw it again for $5 at my local Target so I had to get it!

Heart Shaped Sunglasses: When I saw these cute shades at Urban Outfitters I knew I needed them in my life! They are so cute and go with everything!

Botan Rice Candy: Another July favorite. When we were in Florida my sister wanted to try these Botan Rice Candy but I was kind of afraid to try them at first but now I am in love! It tastes like a chewy peach/apple sweet candy and you can eat the wrapper! I hope I can  find a store around me that carries these candies soon!

Twinkie Chan Blue Cotton Candy Pen: I've been a fan of Twinkie Chan for a long time (she was the one who inspired me to start crocheting) but aside from her book and patterns I never really owned anything from her but when I saw these Cotton Candy pens I knew I needed one! I actually just ordered the pink one! hehe

What are some of your random favorites?


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