May Random Favorites

Today I'm back with my random favorites from the month of May. Last month I was really into gum, Japanese magazines, and coffee drinks. What were you guys into last month? Let me know in the comments!

Wreck This Journal Book: I decided to buy a "Wreck This Book" because I wanted a fun book to play with when I was bored. Some of the pages are fun but others are just too cray cray for me!

Extra Desserts Delights Gum in Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake: When I saw this gum at the check out line at Target I had to add it to my cart ASAP! I love the whole Extra Desserts Delights line and each time I see a new flavor I have to try it. This one is my second favorite so far (first is the mint chocolate chip ice cream).

Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Kiwi Watermelon Gum: Another gum I've been crazy about are the Ice Breakers Ice Cube gum. This is the second flavor I've tried and I love it more then the pink bubble gum one!

Strawberry Picnic Candle from Bath and Body Works: I've been really loving this Strawberry Picnic candle from Bath and Body Works. It smells like strawberry frosting!

Pastel Pink Kitty Phone Case: This phone case has been one of my favorites since I've got it. Not only is this case super cute but the right ear also bends down to lock and unlock your phone screen! So cute!

Japanese Magazines: I've been really into Japanese magazines lately. My favorite is Zipper but I bought a few Popteen ones a few weeks ago and love the format of those. The whole Harajuku fashion thing is just so inspiring to me. If you like fun colorful fashion without  it being too wacky I would recommend both of these magazines

♥♥♥Other Favorites♥♥♥
Mc Donald's Caramel Frappe
-Starbucks vanilla bean frappuccino with a pump of raspberry syrup
- Green Tea with Lemon Tea
- The latest items in my MooeyAndFriends shop

What are your favorite random products you discovered in May?


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  1. I love everything you posted about! Ice Cubes gum is sooooo good. I always have a box in my purse, haha. I'm definitely going to check out those magazines now, thank you for recommending them! :)

    xo. Mandy