May Beauty Favorites

 Can you believe it's June already? Summer is only a few days away! Anyways before we get carried away with summer let's talk about about May favorites. I tested many beauty products in May some which I liked and others not so much. But today I'll be sharing the ones that I did like. Enjoy!

Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer: I had ordered a new moisturizer online because I ran out of my old one but it still hadn't arrived at the time so I picked up this moisturizer because well I needed one. The only downside is that it has a sunscreen scent (which I don't like) but besides that it would make a great summer moisturizer.

Aquolina Pink Sugar: I've wanted to try this perfume for a long time! But when I saw this at Marshall's a few weeks ago I knew that I had to finally get my hands on it (plus, it was only $20). If you like sweet scents then this is for you.

Baby Lips with SPF: I'm a big fan of Baby Lips and I'm so happy they came out with a SPF collection for the summer! In the summer the sun goes crazy and can (and will) burn you if it gets the chance. So make sure you put sunscreen everywhere even your lips!

Purity Made Simple Cleanser: After a month of trying out new cleansers I decided to switch back to my old cleanser by Philosophy. My skin cleared up and got back to it's normal self just after two days! I'm almost out so I have to buy a new bottle pretty soon.

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub: You guys probably know that I love everything green tea related so when I heard that St. Ives released a green tea scrub I had to try it! So far I really like it but it makes my hand (yes, my hands) dry afterwards.

Mark Glowdacious Illuminating Powder: I used to use this powder all the time when I was in High School but then I ran out of it. However, last month I found that I had a unopened pack of this so I started using it again!

What are your favorite products from May?


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