Dramas I'm Currently Watching

I wanted to do something different for a while so I thought I would talk to you guys about the Korean dramas I'm currently watching, because I'm watching a ton! I usually watch 1-2 drama at a time but I'm currently watching 5! Four of which are new and running as we speak. I'll be talking about each drama and telling you guys a little background on the story and what I think about the drama so far. Don't worry no spoilers!

You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin
I started watching this this drama mainly because of IU, she's my favorite female Korean singer. This is about a girl named Lee Soon Shin who is youngest of her three sisters, She that girl who doesn't know what to do with her life and the least successful in her family. But when she decides she want to become an actress her whole life gets turned upside down! The whole drama is basically about her and journey on becoming an actress. I think this is an ok drama but it's way too long for my interest, 50 episodes too long! Plus, I'm not a fan of "family dramas" but I will continue  watching this because of IU.

Nail Shop Paris
I started watching this drama because I thought the story line seemed interesting and because I love nail art related stuff. Nail Shop Paris is about a internet novelist who struggles to write a story for her online following until she comes across her latest male muse. The only problem is that her muse works at a nail shop that only employs males! So she decides to dress up as a boy and work at the salon to write her new novel. I really liked this drama at first because they would have mini stories in each episode but lately this drama is beginning to suck (at least for me) but I will keep watching and hoping it gets better.

Secret Garden
After hearing so much about this drama I decided to start watching it. So far it's the only drama that is finished out of all the dramas I'm watching and it's also the only drama that I'm very far behind on. Secret Garden is about a rich businessman and a poor stunt women who end up switching bodies! They struggle as they try to live each other's lives. This is a old drama which you can tell right away (that is, if you watched other dramas before) but it's pretty good so far. My only complaint about this drama is that it takes a lot of episodes for them to actually switch bodies.

Dating Agency: Cyrano
I started watching this drama because I heard Soo Young from Girls' Generation was going to be in it and let's face it when I hear that my favorite Kpop star's are going to be in a drama I have to watch it! This drama is about a underground dating agency that helps it's clients to the extreme while trying to set them up with their soul mates. This is probably my second favorite drama out of the bunch. Like Nail Shop Paris, it also has mini stories in each episode that makes the drama a little more interesting. 

I Hear Your Voice
Saved the best for last! I just started watching this drama last weekend and I'm already hooked! I Hear Your Voice is about a High School student who can read minds just by staring about someones eyes. When he finds the lady who saved his life as a child he promises to help and protect her until the end. This drama also has mini stories in it but I honestly love the main story so much that the mini stories don't even interest me as much as the other 2 dramas did. I know this drama is still pretty new but if it keeps going like it has been I can totally see this drama as one of my favorites!

Are you into Korean dramas? Have you watched any of these dramas?


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  1. Nice ^_^. I want to watch Dating Agency: Cyrano~