April Random Favorites

Yesterday I shared my beauty favorites with you and now today I will be talking about my random favorites from the month of April. These random goodies can be anything from food, books, clothes, etc! i hope you enjoy! 

Cat Print Sweater from Romwe: I had a coupon for Romwe and while I was browsing through their shop I saw that they had this cat sweater that reminded me of a Wild Fox jumper, but this one was way cheaper! What I love about this sweater is that it's thin but it can still keep you warm so it's perfect for Spring!

Bobble Water Bottle with Filter: Last month I bought this water bottle by Bobble and I've been using this all month! It also has a built in filter that cleans the water for you (in case you are stranded on a island or something).

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Pillow Mist in Lavender Vanilla: Picked this up from Bath and Body Works because I've been wanting to try it for forever! You spray this on your pillow before you sleep and it leaves a calming scent that is suppose to make you fall asleep. I'm still not sure if this works yet but I love the smell!

Zipper May 2013 Magazine: I've been obsessed with Zipper magazines for the past couple of months (I have three so far) and have bought almost every issue that I can get my hands on! I buy my magazines from this seller on eBay but if anyone knows where I can get them cheaper please let me know! I want to start collecting them!

Ice Breaker Ice Cubes Gum in Bubble Breeze: Love this gum! I can't wait to try out the other flavors! 

Play Choo Choo Alice Cat Card Holder: This is basically my new wallet I know it's a card holder but I use cards most of the time anyways and whatever money I do have I keep in the inside pockets. I especially love the fact that the Alice cat blinks at you when you move it! So cute!

A Toltec The Four Agreements Wisdom Book: I started reading this book a few days ago and It has completely changed my views on life! I totally recommend this book! By the way this book isn't religious (even thought the cover looks like it) I mean it can be looked that way but doesn't have too. It does talk about gods and stuff but the whole book isn't about that it's about wanting to be a happier and positive person.

What is some stuff that you are currently into?


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