March Random Favorites

Hey there! This is the second part of my favorites post series that I do every month showing you guys what things I've been loving from the previous Month. You can check out my March beauty favorites here and tomorrow I will be posting my March playlist. Today I will be showing you guys my favorite random products from March like food, fashion items, etc.

Pink Stitch iPhone Case: I got this case off of Amazon for under $5! I was planning on getting the original blue Stitch case but I ended up getting the pink one because I love pink! This case isn't the most functional case I own but it's still really adorable!

Bear Ring: I got this bear ring for $1 on eBay and have worn it almost everyday since then! I love how it matches everything and it;s the perfect size for everyday use!

Vitafusion Omega 3 Gummy Vitamins: I have a problem with my hair falling out and I heard that fish oil is suppose to help with hair growth so I decided to get these omega 3 gummy vitamins (because I can't swallow pills). They've been helping me a little but I still really enjoy taking these daily! They taste really good too like gummy candies! I'm almost out so I'm going to have to go get some more real soon!

Extra Desserts Delights: I've been a fan of the Extra Dessert Delights since they first came out and I'm totally digging their new flavors, this one is the rainbow sherbet flavor. It actually just tastes like regular bubble gum but it's still really yummy!

Zipper March 2013 Magazine: Zipper is officially my new favorite magazine! I've been flipping threw these pages almost everyday for outfit inspiration. I actually already ordered the April and May issues so I'm looking forward to getting those soon!

Red Velvet and Confetti Cupcake Poptarts: I came across these Poptart flavors at the grocery store so I had to get them! The red velvet ones are my favorite but I'm so bummed that they're only limited edition! The confetti ones are yummy too but my stomach can only handle one at a time.

 Milklim Jacket: Of course I had to include my new Milklim in my March favorites! I've been waiting to get this jacket for a month and now it's hanging in my closet! Sadly, it's starting to warm up here where I live so I haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I'll do a post on it soon!

Black Studded Creepers: Another fashion favorite are my studded creepers from Gojane. I love how they make me a inch taller.

Mint Shoulder Bag: I saw this mint bag on sale at Target for $15 so I had to get it! I love the color!


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