Graze Box #5

 I'm back with another Graze box review! If you don't know what Graze is you can read about here. But basically they are a company that ships you a box of four healthy snacks for $5 a week. I really enjoyed this week's box in fact it's my favorite box I've gotten so far! Find out why below!

 Box overview
Pomodoro Rustichella
This was the first treat I ate and it was a great start! My younger sister even tried some pieces and loved this treat too! She even stole all of the cheese croutons! I ate this in less then a minute, it was that good!

Honeycomb Flapjack
Love getting the flapjacks because they are big and so delicious! I honestly don't remember how this tasted but I bet it was good because I rated it "loved" on my Graze account.

Apple Cosmo
Wasn't too crazy about this snack but I did enjoy the raisins. By the way Graze has made me fall in love with raisins, because there is raisins in almost each box!

Hot Cross Yum
Another one of my favorites was this snack called Hot Cross Yum. I ate this in one sitting too! I've never had orange raisins before but they are sure yummy! The sponge cake pieces were soft and sweet and reminded me on mini white chocolate chips but the cinnamon honey almonds were by far my favorite! I want to eat this right now!

Have you tried Graze before? Have you tried any of these snacks?


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