Bath and Body Works Haul

Last weekend Bath and Body Works had a great deal on their candles so I decided to order a few. I'm not the craziest candle person but I do like it when my room smells sweet! Speaking of sweet all of the candles I ordered have a sweet scent and are related to food, because I love smelling sweet things! Just a heads up if you don't like sweet scents then these candles probably aren't for you.

I have a weird obsession with strawberries so when I saw these I got pretty excited!

Strawberry is from Bath and Body Work's Market collection, a line of fresh fruit and flowers inspired products. I remember smelling this in stores and fell in love with the smell so I had to get it! I also have the mini anti-bacterial gel in this scent! 

This was the only candle that I didn't smell in person but the reviews were pretty good and I had high hopes that this wouldn't disappoint me. In one word this smells like strawberry frosting. Amazing! My new favorite candle (I was burning this when I was typing this post)!

I think these two candles are also from another collection inspired by Italy or Europe or something (I'm not sure). My younger sister pressured me into buying the Espresso one but if it were up to me I would've bought the lemon one instead.

Espresso is a rich coffee scented candle. This stuff smells like a coffee shop, which is why my little sister liked it so much (she's in love with Starbucks). This was the first candle I burned and it has a strong scent but it doesn't spread out far. But it's still a awesome candle! I can light this up and play some coffee shop music and pretend I'm at Starbucks.

Gelato to me smells like wild berries sprinkled with sugar on top. It's a perfect sweet yet fruity scent. I haven't burned this yet but I think that the smell probably won't spread out too much either, but we'll see.

Have you tried Bath and Body Works candles before? Which is your favorite?


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