Review: LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser

 A lot of people say LUSH has amazing products so I picked up a lot of different products from LUSH hoping to get better skin, LUSH haul here. I really was looking for an amazing cleanser so I picked  up Dark Angels hoping it would be "the one". However, this product didn't do everything I wanted  it to do.

What it claims to do: "Deep dark cleansing facial scrub for young and oily skin. With charcoal, Rhassoul mud, soothing sandalwood and black sugar"

- Smells yummy (like Froot Loops)
- Makes skin soft and smooth
- Gets rid of blackheads
- Doubles as a face scrub
- Last forever! I got the smallest tub and I've barely made a dent!

- Didn't do enough for me

My experience: The first day I used this I notice how messy it was, I hate messes so this was kind of difficult to use at first but now I'm better at not making such a mess. You get a bit of the product and then add water to create a muddy texture and then smooth it across your face. The first thing I noticed about this cleanser when using it was that it smells like Froot Loops cereal which made cleaning my face much more enjoyable! After a few days of using Dark Angels my skin starter becoming more and more softer and there was less blackheads around my nose area. So why didn't I like this product you ask? Because the bits in this cleanser are kind of harsh on my skin, it's feels more like a scrub then cleanser if you ask me. Also, some reviews online said that this cleanser decreases blemishes but I didn't see that.

Would I recommend this product to someone? If you want softer smoother skin, yes. It makes a nice exfoliate but I don't like using this everyday and it just made my skin softer (which didn't really amaze me).

You can buy the LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser here

What's you favorite Lush cleanser?



Graze Box #6

I have another Graze box prepared to you guys today. If you do not know what Graze is you can read about here. This is my six box and actually I've stopped receiving Graze boxes a few weeks ago because my boxes were getting to me late and the snacks were starting to repeat (which I don't mind) but I wanted to try out more new things. But I think I'm going to start it up again.

If you want a Graze invitation let me know I have one left!

Box overview
Nutritional Info
Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl
This was the only snack that was new and I actually enjoyed. I love yogurt especially if something is covered in yogurt so I was pretty excited to try this! The blueberry yogurt covered raisins were amazing! The other dried berries went wonderfully with the yogurt raisins. Loved this!

Korean Chilli Rice Crackers
I have a very low spicy tolerance but I heard many people say that these weren't spicy at all so I was pretty confident until I tried them. At first I thought they weren't that spicy but as I waited for the crackers to disappear in my mouth things got pretty spicy. So anyways I'm not a fan of this snack but if you like spicy food (or can at least handle it) then I think you may like this treat.
Fruity Mango Chutney
I don't actually have a picture to show you of this snack because my younger sister really wanted to try this snack so I'm just going to use the picture they have on the Graze website. I really didn't know what chutney meant before trying this but I thought it was just another fancy word to describe a cracker (because that's what I thought it was). However, I found out later that chutney is, a mixture of fruit or vegetables and spices. Overall this snack in one word was strange. It was spicy and just overall not pleasing. I didn't like this at all and didn't even bother trying the sauce.

Cookie and Cream
I already tried this treat so you can read about it here, if you like.

Have you tried Graze before? Have you tried any of these snacks?



What's In My Bag?

Today I will bee doing the What's in my Bag thing. I've been wanting to do this post for a while but I didn't have that much to show for a while (I don't like carrying bags so I never really know what to carry) but finally I have some interesting things to show! So yeah, lets see what I carry in my bag!

LUSH Eau Roma Water: I like to keep a spray toner with me just in case I need to freshen up my makeup/face when I'm out.

iPhone with Pink Stitch Case: Of course you need your phone! I change my phone case almost every other day. This pink Stitch case is my current favorite!

Alice Cat Card Wallet: Recently I got this card wallet in the mail, I got it from eBay. I mainly use cards but I do have a few dollars squeezed in the side pockets.

Strawberry Scented Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel: To keep my hands clean and sanitized I keep this strawberry scented hand gel that I got from Bath and Body Works.

Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Gum in Bubble Breeze: I saw these at the supermarket the other day and freaked out! I use to chew this gum all the time when I was in middle school and now they are selling them again in tons of flavors! I picked up the bubblegum flavored one but I'm going to try out all the flavors!

EOS Hand Cream in Berry Blossom: When my hands get dry I use this berry scented hand cream. Smells yummy!

Archie's Girls Beauty Powder in Flatter Me: This compact comes in handy when I need a mirror.

Sunglasses from Forever 21: Sunglasses never usually fit in my tiny shoulder bags so I end up carrying them with me.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Twinkle and Melon Mania: I change my lip products depending what I'm using or loving at the moment. These Baby Lips are my current favorites.

What do you keep in your bag?



Review: LUSH Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

Hey loves! Today I will be reviewing the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask from LUSH. I've been using this for the past two weeks and have been loving it! It's my new favorite face mask! 

What it claims to do? "Chocolate heaven for oily skin. Cupcake calms with cocoa powder and softens with balancing spearmint and sandalwood oils"

- Smells yummy! Like chocolate!
- Makes skin feel soft and smooth
- Clearer complexion
- Exfoiltes
- Made from natural ingredients
- Vegan

- You can only buy this in stores because it has to be used fresh
- Have to use it up quick because it only last for about 2 weeks

My experience: First off I love the smell of this mask! It smells kind of like chocolate but not too much, which is good because I'm not a fan of chocolate. When you are applying this to your face you can feel the little bits (what are those things anyways?) exfoliating your skin which is nice, so it's like a scrub too! After using this face mask I notice my skin was a lot clearer and softer and makes my makeup application go on smoother for days!

Would I recommend this to someone? Yes! Especially if you have oily skin! I for sure will be repurchasing Cupcake over and over again!

You can buy the LUSH Cupcake Fresh Face Mask in LSUH stores.

What's your favorite face mask?



Lush Haul

So today I have a pretty exciting haul to share with you guys, a LUSH haul! I use to take Lush for granted because there was a Lush in one of my local malls and I knew it was there but never bought anything from there (maybe one or twice) and now it's gone! So in order for me to get Lush products I have to either A. order online or B. Drive an hour away to the closest Lush (I have to do this if I want the fresh products anyways). However recently I did both! I ordered some Lush products online from the UK site (because it's cheaper) and then a few weeks ago I decided to visit the closest Lush to me and bought a few things. So some of these product from online and the store.

I wanted to try out some of their face products because most of my face products are close to being finished with. But I also picked up some bath products so I can treat myself with a relaxing bath every week or so. Anyways I'm pretty excited to share my Lush goodies with you guys so lets get started!
Cupcake Fresh Face Mask: I've heard so many things about this mask so I needed to get this on my trip to Lush. I've used twice so far and love it! It's my new favorite mask!

Eau Roma Water Toner Water: I wanted to try out some face products so I asked girl at Lush what products she recommend and she said one of their water toners. I wanted the tree toner but they were all out of stock but she said that the Eau Rome toner works the same so I got this instead.

No Drought Dry Shampoo: I have curly hair so I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week (this is really healthy for your hair) but my hair sometimes looks really oily so I use dry shampoo to make it look "cleaner". But sometimes dry shampoo is expensive so I use baby powder but I'm not a fan of the smell so I decided to buy Lush's dry powder shampoo, No Drought. It has a very citrusy smell which I love and comes with a lot of product! I know I will probably be using this forever!  

Happy Bubble Bubble Bar: Apparently this is one of Lush's retro products but I just got it because I loved the color and wanted a bubble bar. I also love how it says happy on it! By the way you can only get this online.

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment: This is another product that I really wanted to try out. Each time when I get a spot I usually just let it sit on my face until it wants to get off, which is horrible because it just sits and sits on my face for weeks! So I decided to get the Grease Lightening pimple cream because I heard so many  great reviews on it.

Dark Angels Cleanser: I really wanted a cleanser from Lush but didn't know which one to get so after hours of reading reviews online I decided to get Dark Angels because it looked like it would work the best for my skin. So far I'm really digging this cleanser but it's only been a few days since I started using it so we'll see. 

Blackberry Bath Bomb: I also wanted to try out a bath bomb (this would be my second bath bomb I ever used) because my first Lush bath bomb was not the best experience. I choose this one because it looked cute and cause I there is a surprise inside!

When I ordered online I asked to include samples of the Aqua Marina and Angels on Bare Skin cleanser just in case Dark Angels didn't work well on my skin. They included all the samples I asked for and added a sample size of the Fresh Farmacy cleanser too! So sweet!

If you are wondering how long it took my Lush package to come it took almost 2 weeks for it to leave the UK and arrive to me (I will on the eastern side of the US). I would totally recommend you guys to buy from the UK Lush site too, it's cheaper and they'll give you the samples you want (if you ask).

What's your favorite Lush product?



Graze Box #5

 I'm back with another Graze box review! If you don't know what Graze is you can read about here. But basically they are a company that ships you a box of four healthy snacks for $5 a week. I really enjoyed this week's box in fact it's my favorite box I've gotten so far! Find out why below!

 Box overview
Pomodoro Rustichella
This was the first treat I ate and it was a great start! My younger sister even tried some pieces and loved this treat too! She even stole all of the cheese croutons! I ate this in less then a minute, it was that good!

Honeycomb Flapjack
Love getting the flapjacks because they are big and so delicious! I honestly don't remember how this tasted but I bet it was good because I rated it "loved" on my Graze account.

Apple Cosmo
Wasn't too crazy about this snack but I did enjoy the raisins. By the way Graze has made me fall in love with raisins, because there is raisins in almost each box!

Hot Cross Yum
Another one of my favorites was this snack called Hot Cross Yum. I ate this in one sitting too! I've never had orange raisins before but they are sure yummy! The sponge cake pieces were soft and sweet and reminded me on mini white chocolate chips but the cinnamon honey almonds were by far my favorite! I want to eat this right now!

Have you tried Graze before? Have you tried any of these snacks?



How I Got My Milklim Jacket

Ever since I got my Milklim jacket I've been getting a bunch of questions on how I got it and how much it was. So today I thought I would explain everything on how I got my Milklim jacket plus I included tons of pictures in case your interested in getting your own Milklim jacket.

So, basically this blog post explains everything but I'll give you a brief summery of what I did anyways. I used a Japan shopping service Noppin, they can send you items that they only sell/ship in Japan but they do charge a shipping fee. This was my first time using a Japanese shopping service (which kind of scared me because I didn't want to get scammed) and they were really nice and fast! The day I bought the jacket they ordered it on the same day. Then the day I payed for the shipping charge they shipped out the package the next day. I got my jacket the within same week, so the whole process took about 2 weeks. How much was everything? Well the whole total was around $120, yes it was expensive but I'm so happy with everything and the jacket is really lovely!

Now for the fun part photo!
This is how it looks like on (my younger sister was the model).
Overall I had a great experience and would highly recommend Noppin if you guys are thinking about ordering something from Japan.

Have you guys used a shopping service before?