Graze Box #4

I'm back again with another Graze box review. I got to tell you guys that I'm really happy with my Graze boxes! I'm so glad I found them and will continue reviewing my boxes as long as I don't get the same snacks over and over again. If you guys have any questions about Graze check out my first box review where I explain more about the company.

Box overview
Nutritional facts
Marvellous Macaroon
I couldn't wait to taste this snack because it had white chocolate (my favorite)! The white chocolate melted in my month! The almond slices and coconut tasted as usual. Something I tried out for the first time was amaretti drops, which are almond flavored macaroons, they were basically cookies that were really chewy.

Oven Roasted Salt and Vinegar Nut Selection
I've never tasted anything with salt and vinegar before (because it sounds gross) so I was a bit hesitated when I saw this in my box. But actually it tasted pretty good especially the almonds!

Yin and Yang
I wasn't too excited about this snack because it contained dark chocolate (which I'm not a fan of) but they other ingredients looked good. The dark chocolate pieces were really big so if you like dark chocolate then you will probably love this snack. The fruit bits tasted really yummy (some were sour) but the shaved almonds were my favorite part of this treat! 

Smoky Gazpacho Dip with Wholemeal Crisp Bread Slices
Saving the best for last! My favorite treat in my Graze box this week were these little bread slices! To be honest I was kind of scared to try theses because they reminded me of the Bonnie Wee Oatbakes but these tasted 100% more amazing! The bread slices look so cute but do taste pretty bland but paired with the gazpacho dip they make a great combination!


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  1. it's the first time i've seen this kind of box. very unique. thank you for sharing!

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