Graze Box #3

Hey my lovely creators! Today I have another box review on Graze. If you guys don't know what Graze is check out this post and it will explain everything. This will be my third box from Graze and it's also my least favorite box, so far. It's not that these snacks weren't good but let's just say none of these will make it on my top 5 favorite Graze snacks. Continue reading to hear what I did and didn't like in this box.

 Nutritional facts
 Bonnie Wee Oatbakes
I was actually really nervous to try these (don't know why just had that "weird feeling"). The oatbakes had cloves or something in them which got stuck in my teeth (not attractive) but the taste wasn't that bad it kind of had a slight baked pizza dough taste to it. However, the sauce was horrible! I knew right away that I was going to hate it because it had onions (which I hate) but I decided to try it anyways and I totally regretted it afterwards. If you hate onions stay away from the sauce! Overall, I didn't like this snack and didn't even finish it.

Date and Banana Loaf with Cinnamon
I thought I was going to like this treat because the ingredients sounded yummy but sadly I didn't like this snack that much either. I found the banana pieces were hard to chewy and gummy like (which I wasn't a fan of). I never seen or tasted a date before so those were kind of weird. The yoghurt covered seeds were my favorite though.

Pina Colada
Wasn't too excited to try this snack. Most of the fruit in the Graze boxes have that hard to chew fruit which is starting to annoy me. The coconut was ok, the mangos were really good but reminded me of duck feet and the pineapple pieces were my least favorite and another teeth sticker.

Chocolate Orange Granola
This was my favorite snack out of the box. I loved the almonds and orange raisins! I don't like dark chocolate so I stayed away from those and there was too much granola seeds in the package (I still have half of them left). This treat was good but let's just say it's not my favorite treat that Graze has made.

Have you tried Graze before? What's your favorite snack?


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