Review: Revlon Photoready BB Cream

As a big fan of BB creams I love discovering new BB creams from all over the world and sharing my opinion with you guys. Up to this point I've only used Asian BB creams but recently I decided to pick up the Revlon Photoready BB cream because I heard so many positive reviews on it. After using the photoready BB cream for a few weeks here are my thoughts on it. 

What it claims it does: "Combines skincare, makeup, and sunscreen into one step. Revlon Photoready BB cream may be worn alone on bare skin or over regular skin care for additional moisture. Three versatile shades will adapt to fit your individual skin tone."

- Great coverage
- Has SPF 30
- Stays on for a long time
- Did notice a few skin changes such as a smoother and clearer face

- Smells like sunscreen
- liquidy (I like my BB creams to be a little thicker)
- Heavy on the face
- Doesn't conceal that well
- Doesn't offer too many shades. I was surprised when I saw only three color options I thought since this was by Revlon that they would offer a wide selection of colors but they don't.

Would you recommend this to someone? Yes I recommend this as a product but not as a BB cream. This was my first western BB cream that I used and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it did remind too much of a tinted moisturizer rather then a BB cream (those too are not the same). If you want to try out a BB cream then I would recommend you use a Asian BB cream first then try out the western BB creams to notice the difference between the two. Overall this was a great product but I don't like how makeup companies here are marketing these tinted moisturizers as "BB creams".

You can buy the Revlon photoready BB cream here.

Have you tried this BB cream before? What's your favorite BB cream?


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