Graze Box #2

I'm back with another Graze box review. I actually got two Graze boxes last week because one of my boxes was late so you'll be seeing a another Graze box review really soon (probably next week). I really enjoyed this box and there wasn't a single snack that I didn't like! I especially loved two of the snacks that became my new favorites!

If you don't know what Graze is read my first post for more information here.

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Boston Baguettes
This was the first treat I tried it in this box. The "baguettes" were very crunchy and savory these actually remind me of the soy bites in the Peking Dynasty snack that I got in my first Graze box. The sauce was sweet yet tangy, like most BBQ sauces are.

Fruit and Seed Flapjack
I just tried this snack yesterday and it was one of my favorites! It's a tiny granola bar that has raisins and some weird green almond nut thing. So good! One of my favorite snacks that I've gotten in my Graze box!

Banoffee Pie
This was another favorite! I really liked the banana slices and the fudge tasted like those caramel squares. When you eat this all together it really does taste like a pie!

Garden of England
If you like fruity snacks then the Garden of England is your snack! The strawberries and apple pieces are both really chewy but the dried apples have a weird texture to them. The blackcurrants are surprisly sour and have a strong taste.

I love how they always include this cute recyclable napkin in each box.

I have one Graze invite to give out so if you guys want it just message me on twitter and I'll give it to you!


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