January Random Favorites

In January I had a bunch of random favorite things which surprised me because I usually never have this many favorites in my random posts. Anyways here are my favorite things from January. Enjoy!

Style Savvy: Trendsetters: I've been OBSESSED with this game ever since I first bought it! I totally recommend you get this game if you love fashion and beauty games. I talked more about this game here.

Elephant doll: This doll was featured in my latest craft corner. I love how it turned out! I'm going to make more and sell them in my shop soon.

Hello Kitty Sleep Mask: As you guys probably know I am a huge Hello Kitty fan so I made a sleep mask (what took me so long?) of the famous kitty. You can buy this sleep mask in my shop (shameless self promotion).

Pink Crochet Heart Rings: Another one of my favorite things I made were the pink heart rings I posted in my shop a few days ago. These are very cute and simple and a great gift for your sweetheart (sorry enough with the self promotion). Hehe

Pikarar Pins: Earlier this month I got these pins from Pikarar herself. I love her art so much!

Panda Brooch: Another one of my favorites was this panda brooch that I made. I'm going to post up the pattern soon!

Bauble Bar Bracelet: I had some credit in my Bauble Bar account so I decided to pick up this gold bracelet with some gems on it. I really needed a basic bracelet like this in my jewelry collection so I'm glad that I bought it. 

Pour Vous Dairy Planner Journal: I've been loving my planner I got for this year. It's cute and small enough to go everywhere with me.

Hello Kitty Notebook: Got this adorable Hello Kitty notebook from Target's $1 section. So cute!

Lovely Cow Gel Pen: I randomly bought this pen because I was ordering from Cool Pencil Case and I needed about $2 to get free shipping so I decided to get it. I'm amazed how much I ended up loving this pen! Each stroke is packed full of black ink and it has a very fine tip.

Neon Yellow Smiley Face Sweater: I got this neon yellow sweater from Kohl's for about $10. Love this sweater so much! It's cozy, colorful, and cute!

What are some of your random favorites?


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