Graze Box #2

I'm back with another Graze box review. I actually got two Graze boxes last week because one of my boxes was late so you'll be seeing a another Graze box review really soon (probably next week). I really enjoyed this box and there wasn't a single snack that I didn't like! I especially loved two of the snacks that became my new favorites!

If you don't know what Graze is read my first post for more information here.

Bow overview
Nutritional facts
Boston Baguettes
This was the first treat I tried it in this box. The "baguettes" were very crunchy and savory these actually remind me of the soy bites in the Peking Dynasty snack that I got in my first Graze box. The sauce was sweet yet tangy, like most BBQ sauces are.

Fruit and Seed Flapjack
I just tried this snack yesterday and it was one of my favorites! It's a tiny granola bar that has raisins and some weird green almond nut thing. So good! One of my favorite snacks that I've gotten in my Graze box!

Banoffee Pie
This was another favorite! I really liked the banana slices and the fudge tasted like those caramel squares. When you eat this all together it really does taste like a pie!

Garden of England
If you like fruity snacks then the Garden of England is your snack! The strawberries and apple pieces are both really chewy but the dried apples have a weird texture to them. The blackcurrants are surprisly sour and have a strong taste.

I love how they always include this cute recyclable napkin in each box.

I have one Graze invite to give out so if you guys want it just message me on twitter and I'll give it to you!



Style Crush: Ayumi Seto

My recent obsession with Harajuku Kawaii TV is seriously becoming unhealthy, the only good thing from this new addiction is some style inspiration! Ayumi Seto, one of the Japanese harajuku kawaii models on the show, is personally my favorite out of all the girls her style is something I wouldn't normally wear but somehow I have fallen in love with her style! Ayumi has a very Japanese street style look she often mixes boyish and edgy pieces together but her dollish face and colorful hair gives her look a cutesy girly vibe. Below I posted some of my favorite photos of her and some of her outfits so you can better understand her style.

Who's style are you currently crushing on?



February 2013 Birchbox

Last week I saw a hot pink box in my mail box which could only mean one thing...my Birchbox came! My monthly box mystery with 4-5 goodies arrived! Last month's box was a huge disappointment and this month's box wasn't too great either. Don't get me wrong I liked almost all of my products but I feel like the samples are getting smaller. I'm actually thinking about unsubscribing from Birchbox because I keep getting that unsatisfied feeling with every box. I'm not sure yet though. Any of you guys have that same feeling? Should I subscribe to another monthly subscription?

Box overview
List of products
SKIN&Co Roma Cleansing Body Gel with Olive and Sicilian Orange Extracts Full-size, $17.50
"You won't be able to go back to regular soap after trying this freshly scented, antioxidant-packed shower gel from Rome." I'm not crazy about the scent but it always handy to have travel-friendly shower gels ready.

Color Club Nail Polish in Wild Cactus Full-size, $8
"Shoo away winter blues with this on-trend emerald polish." Love getting nail polishes in my box! I really love this Gumby in a bottle color!

Ghirardelli Caramel Milk Chocolate Square
Ghirardelli makes some of the best chocolate products out there! I loved getting this little treat in my February Birchbox.

Dr.Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm Full-size, $36
"From the brand that brought BB creams to the U.S., this gold-standard formulation has mineral SPF 25 and a satiny, matte finish." I've heard so much about this BB cream so I'm really excited to try it out!

Twistband Thick Headband Set of 6, $19
"Made with soft elastic, these colorful headbands keep your hair out of face without any creasing or tugging." Just when you thought the Twistband couldn't get any bigger they come out with headbands! As you guys might know I'm not a huge fan of the Twistband but I do like the headband version a lot better then the hair ties at least I can use this when I'm washing my face.

What did you get in your February Birchbox?



Review: Revlon Photoready BB Cream

As a big fan of BB creams I love discovering new BB creams from all over the world and sharing my opinion with you guys. Up to this point I've only used Asian BB creams but recently I decided to pick up the Revlon Photoready BB cream because I heard so many positive reviews on it. After using the photoready BB cream for a few weeks here are my thoughts on it. 

What it claims it does: "Combines skincare, makeup, and sunscreen into one step. Revlon Photoready BB cream may be worn alone on bare skin or over regular skin care for additional moisture. Three versatile shades will adapt to fit your individual skin tone."

- Great coverage
- Has SPF 30
- Stays on for a long time
- Did notice a few skin changes such as a smoother and clearer face

- Smells like sunscreen
- liquidy (I like my BB creams to be a little thicker)
- Heavy on the face
- Doesn't conceal that well
- Doesn't offer too many shades. I was surprised when I saw only three color options I thought since this was by Revlon that they would offer a wide selection of colors but they don't.

Would you recommend this to someone? Yes I recommend this as a product but not as a BB cream. This was my first western BB cream that I used and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it did remind too much of a tinted moisturizer rather then a BB cream (those too are not the same). If you want to try out a BB cream then I would recommend you use a Asian BB cream first then try out the western BB creams to notice the difference between the two. Overall this was a great product but I don't like how makeup companies here are marketing these tinted moisturizers as "BB creams".

You can buy the Revlon photoready BB cream here.

Have you tried this BB cream before? What's your favorite BB cream?



How to: PB and J Smoothie

Being healthy again was one of my (and everybody else's) resolutions this year, so in order to get my daily servings of fruits and veggies I decided to follow Mandy's idea and make a smoothie a day (I sometimes even make more!). Smoothies are a healthy and tasty way to get all your servings of fruits and vegetables, plus they're fun to make! A few weeks ago I created one of my favorite concoctions ever! It tasted like two of my favorite foods, a peanut butter and banana sandwich and strawberries but in smoothie form! Today I am going to share with you guys how you can make this delicious and healthy treat!

You will need: Soy milk (or whatever milk you would like, I also like using almond milk), a banana, peanut butter, spinach, and strawberries (I like using frozen because they give the smoothie a refreshing coolness).

There really isn't a right or wrong way to make a smoothie so just throw in all the ingredients into a blender and press the blend button.

The result should be this light green smoothie that tastes AMAZING! Sure it's not the most prettiest smoothie out there but it's yummy and healthy for you.

Would you like to see more healthy recipes?



My First Graze Box

I think of myself as a very healthy person (who occasionally eats ice cream here an there) so when I hear about new healthy treats I immediately have to try them out! Graze is a weekly subscription that offers 4 healthy snacks for $5 a week and mails them to you in a box. I remember hearing about Graze a long time ago but at the time they were only shipping to the UK but now they are mailing their boxes to the states!

When you sign up for Graze you get your first box for free so that you can try out some of the snacks. They are suppose to send you your box the following week after you order your box but I placed my order for my box on  01/31 but got my box on 02/13 which I was upset about. However, after emailing them they offered me another free box which made me super happy! Anyways I wanted to show you guys what snacks I got in my first Graze box and what I thought of them so you guys can get a better look at Graze and there service.

This is an overview of the snacks that I got in my first Graze box.

Nutrition facts and "best by" dates on all the snacks.

Light Lemon and Poppy Slice and Afternoon Infusion Tea
The first snack I tasted was the lemon poppy slice with a afternoon infusion tea. I was really surprise when I saw a tea bag in the box I didn't know you could get drink in these boxes too! The lemon cake was really good, very lemony and sweet but it was kind of oily and crumbly. The afternoon infusion tea tasted very bland so I added some milk and sugar which added a slight taste but nothing noticeable.

Bounty Hunter: Belgian milk chocolate, coconut and cranberries.
Most of the treats are kind of a mix of different ingredients, like trail mix. This first mix is called "bounty hunter" which consists of Belgian milk chocolate pieces, thick coconut and dried cranberries. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate but I found that the Belgian milk chocolate pieces tasted really good even for a non-chocoholic, like me. I loved the thick coconut slices and the cranberries had a fresh bold tasted which I enjoyed.

Cookies and Cream: Mini cookies, white chocolate, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.
The cookies and cream was my favorite snack out of the whole box. I love sweet things and this treat had two very sweet ingredients that I was craving the moment I saw them, cookies bites and white chocolate! Aside from being sweet this mix was also very nutty thanks to the hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. My only complaint with this snack was that there was too many sunflower seeds!

Peking Dynasty: Peking cashews, baked soy bites and black beans.
When I first saw the "peking dynasty" I thought it would be the spicy snack but it wasn't it was actually savory. The soy bites and cashews tasted very similar. I didn't like the black beans because I found them very hard to eat.

Overall, I loved all the treats! I would totally recommend you guys Graze they have a yummy healthy snacks for a affordable price and a great customer service! If your box arrives late remember that they're still a new company here in the states so just email them and I bet they are happy to help you.

Have you tried graze before?



A Relaxing Valentine's Weekend

I've never been a bitter anti-Valentine's Day hater type of person in fact I love Valentine's day! I think why most people dislike Valentine's Day is because they think it's suppose to be a holiday for "couples only" and that's totally not true at all! Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate LOVE not couples! If you're single this year great! Spend your day with you single friends and/or family members instead. Just be happy and more importantly LOVING!

So since Valentine's Day happen to land on a Thursday this year I will be celebrating my V-Day all weekend long! Starting tomorrow all the way until Sunday I will be celebrating the holiday of love by myself by RELAXING! I'm a person who gets stressed out very easily so I really need a girly weekend! Down below I listed a couple of girly activities that you can treat yourself to this weekend. Enjoy!

 Doll Yourself Up!
Try out a new look this weekend, maybe a bold lip or a sultry smoky eye? Just have fun with it!

A lot of makeup brands are coming out with their Spring 2013 collections so go out and buy a nice Spring nail polish and give yourself a manicure. There is no better cure to a single ladies heart then a MANicure! Get it? Hehe! 

 Get rid of any impurities with a relaxing facial. Scrub away dirt and grime with a face scrub, use a nose strip to get rid of blackheads and blemishes, and/or use a refreshing green mask (or sheet mask) to brighten your face.

If you are planning on giving yourself a manicure why not accompany it with a pedicure. Soak your feet in some warm water for a few minutes and then even out your toenails. Paint your nails a cute color then at night lather on a foot lotion and put some fuzzy socks on and when you wake up in the morning your feet should be silky smooth! 

Instead of surfing the web catch up on a good book, read a magazine, or start up on that book on the shelve that you've been meaning to read but never have time for, yeah read that one.

Treat Yourself!
In my opinion single people of Valentine's day have the most fun. Think about you don't have to spend money on another person, you don't have to wait in line at a crowded area, and you can eat all the sweets you want without having anyone judge you. So go ahead and treat yourself to something you've been wanting for a long time like that cute dress you've been saving up for or that box of chocolate that's been staring at you in the grocery store.

Watch your favorite movie
End your night with one of your favorite movies or television series. My favorite movie is Marie Antoinette! It's such a pretty movie!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are you doing this weekend? How was your Valentine's day?

Happy Valentine's Day!