December Random Favorites

Yesterday I posted my December beauty favorites so today I will be posting my random favorites from December. A lot of my Christmas gifts were my favorites so you will be seeing a few of those today.

Red Jasper Bear:
A stocking stuffer from my older sister it's a bear shaped red jasper necklace charm.

Pikarar Rainicorn Pin:
I metioned in my Friday favorites that I got a pin from Pikarar and this is it, the Lady Rainicorn pin. I love it!

Candy Skull Pink:
I picked up this candy skull pin from a shop in the mall. I love the colors and the design!

Jewel Mint Bottle Necklace:
I got this necklace in my December Glossybox and I've been wearing it almost everyday since I got it! I love how it matches almost everything I wear and it's the perfect length.

Nintendo 3DS XL:
This was a Christmas present from my parents. I sold my older DS early last year and I've been craving the new 3DS for a while now so I asked for the new version and I got it for Christmas! Any game recommendations? I'm still waiting for Animal Crossing new leaf!

Sleepytime Vanilla Tea:
I've tried the regular sleepytime tea before but have always wanted to try the vanilla one so I picked it up at the store. I'm not sure if these teas actually work but I do love the taste.

Knitted Tea Tote Cozy:
My older sister surprised me with this tea tote in my Christmas stocking! It's a cute little pocket to keep my tea bags for when I'm traveling and want some tea. Such a cute idea!


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  1. Great favorites! That tea looks so good, yum!