November Random Favorites

 Yesterday I shared my beauty favorites from the month of November and today I will be talking about the random favorites that I discovered last month.

Comeback tomorrow for my November playlist!

Forever 21 knitted pom pom hat: I bought this hat last year but barely got to wear it so I decided to finally takeout this hat and wear it! Now it's my new favorite hat!

Hello Kitty for Forever 21 sequin mittens: I haven't worn these out yet (because it hasn't been too cold just yet) but it was one of my favorite purchases of the month. I would've featured my whole Hello Kitty accessories but I thought that would've been too much.

Mini mate diary/planner: This is one of my favorite purchases of the year! This planner is not only really cute but it keeps me on track with whatever I have to do for that day/week/month. Since the year is almost over I'm going to have to get a new planner but I will truly miss this one.
Hello Kitty for Forever 21 pretzel necklace: I thought when I first bought this that it would be hard to style but it isn't I just match whatever I'm wearing with one of the colors on the necklace. It's also super adorable! 

Panda dish: I bought this panda dish last weekend when I was at this strange store at the mall. I use it to store my rings.

What are some of your random favorites from last month?


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