My First Sasa Order

I recently order a few things from Sasa.com so I thought I would share my experience with you guys. First off if you don't know what Sasa is it's a online beauty and health shop that sells mostly Asian products and other drugstore products that they sell exclusively in Asia. 

I placed my Sasa order back in early November and it took almost a whole month to arrive (Of course I had problems with the mailman not ringing the doorbell and I missed my package twice!). I ordered back when they had a deal that if you spend $10 or more you get free shipping, which is great because I never ordered from Sasa before because of the shipping. Anyways here is what I bought from Sasa.

I've tried a bunch of different face masks before and so far My Beauty Diary has the best in my opinion so I picked up the Strawberry Yogurt mask set because strawberry and yogurt are both really good for your skin, plus they were on sale.

This NIVEA extra whitening deodorant (I looked on Sasa website and I didn't have the stick form anymore so I linked the roll-on instead) is something I've had my eye's on for a long time. I have a problem with dark underarms and I heard that this whitens and clears any dark spots under there so I got it to try out. I don't think that they sell this here in the states so that's also why I bought it.

Lastly, I picked up these two sponges from KOKUBO. The one on the left is suppose to be for your face and the frog is a body wash mitten. I don't think that they sell the face sponge anymore because I checked online and couldn't find it.

Overall I was pretty impressed with all of my products. I was kind of disappointed on the shipping but then again it was from overseas and most overseas items take 2 weeks or more to arrive. I would recommend Sasa to anyone but take note that it does take a while before you can get your package.

Sasa is currently having a deal where if you spend $29 or more you get free shipping worldwide. Also, My beauty Diary is having 20% off some of their sheet masks right now.

Have you guys order from Sasa before? If so, what did you buy?


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  1. Those are soo adorable! I love the frog