NOTD: New Year's Eve

 Happy New Year's Eve everybody! This is the first of three special New Year's themed posts that I will be posting today. This first one is on my New Year's manicure. I will be wearing these sliver and blue nails all night long until the clock strikes midnight!

I used a turquoise blue as the base for four nails and on the pinkie I used a sliver nail polish (Zoya's Trixie). Then I used Essie's Set in Stones to give a glittery top coat on my middle finger and thumb. Lastly I used a black nail polish and wrote out 2013 on my ring finger. To finish, I used Sally Hansen's Insta-dri top coat to seal my design and give my nails a glossy shine.

Happy New Year!


Nail Tutorial: Chevron Nails

Merry Christmas Eve! 
So today I wanted to post a cute and simple nail design that you can wear to Christmas parties or on New Year's. This design is easy, cute, and you only need two nail colors and a toothpick! Enjoy! 

Step one: Paint your nails a solid color (I used Zoya's Gaia) and wait until it's completely dry before moving on to the next step. Then with another nail color (Zoya's Ziv) make a dash with a toothpick on the side of you nail.

Step 2: Next make a dash on the opposite side of the dash you just made. It should look like a upside down v.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 and continue this process until you reach the end of the line. Repeat until your nail is filled with the 4 to 5 chevron lines.

Step 4: Wait 3 to 5 minutes and then apply a clear top coat over your design to seal it and give it a glossy finish.

Happy Holidays!


December Glossybox (My first Glossybox)

Back in November during Black Friday Glossybox was having a incredible offer for $12 on their December box. Since I always wanted to tryout Glossybox but didn't want to fork up the $21 a box I decided to take advantage of the discount. Fast forward to today I got my Glossybox! 

What is Glossybox? It's a monthly beauty subscription (like Birchbox) that was based in the United Kingdom and was then brought to the states just a few months ago. For $21 a month you get 5 luxury travel-size beauty products based on a beauty profile which you take after subscribing.

 Love the cute Christmas packaging!

What's inside?

 Box overview

 List of products inside

Product overview

 Forest Essentials Luxurious Ayurveda: $22/6.8 OZ
This is a body/bath shower after oil that moisturizes your skin to make it feel smooth and has a subtle seductive scent. It came in a very big size so I'm excited to use this after showering. 

Pleats Please By Issey Miyake: $92/3.4 OZ
One of the things that disappointed me was this fragrance sample I don't like getting these! But I really like the smell.

Wella Velvet Amplifier $16/1.9 OZ
This is the other thing that I didn't like. I've mentioned before that I don't like these sample packets but this one I can actually use once and then throw it away so it won't bother me too much.

Heartland Fragrance CO. Bath Salts: $10/30 OZ.
As soon as I opened my box I could already smell this! This is a relaxing bath salt that is suppose to relax you (which is great because I've been having a really stressful week). The smell of this stuff is amazing! It reminds me of Christmas!

Zoya Nail Lacquers in Ziv: $8/.5 OZ.
I am a huge fan of Zoya nail polishes so I'm glad that I got a full-size! I was actually about to paint my nails with a gold color but I guess I'll just use this one since I just got it.  

Mark Lipclick Luxe Lipstick in M. Powerment Petal: $12/.106 OZ.  
My mom use to sell Avon and each time the new catalogs came out I would always look at the Mark one first because the Mark products are very good. Since my mom has stopped selling Avon I haven't checked out the products by Mark in a long time but now I got one of their new lipclicks (Cute name)! The packaging is so cute and the color looks like it will be great to wear on Christmas! 

 I was really surprised when I saw a black velvet bag with a JewelMint piece inside! I was not expecting this at all! The necklace is like a mini bottle and the top opens up too! I am probably going to fill it up with glitter or something to make the inside look cute! Thanks Glossybox!

Another thing that I received with my Glossybox is a mini zine. How cute! I haven't read it yet but I will soon.

Overall I'm really happy with everything I got in my first Glossybox. I'm so glad that I got this on Black Friday along with the deal because I probably would have never subscribed to Glossybox for $21 a month. But if you add up all the full-size items that I got in the box it would add up to $40 value so when you think about it $21 is pretty reasonable.

Would you recommend this box?
I'm not sure. I LOVED almost everything that I got in my Glossybox but I've heard many mixed feelings on the Glossybox. Honestly, I wouldn't spend $21 a month on a beauty box unless I knew that I would get the same amount of stuff in return (or maybe even more). So the risk is yours to take.

Have you gotten a Glossybox? If so, what did you get? and was worth $21?



My First Sasa Order

I recently order a few things from Sasa.com so I thought I would share my experience with you guys. First off if you don't know what Sasa is it's a online beauty and health shop that sells mostly Asian products and other drugstore products that they sell exclusively in Asia. 

I placed my Sasa order back in early November and it took almost a whole month to arrive (Of course I had problems with the mailman not ringing the doorbell and I missed my package twice!). I ordered back when they had a deal that if you spend $10 or more you get free shipping, which is great because I never ordered from Sasa before because of the shipping. Anyways here is what I bought from Sasa.

I've tried a bunch of different face masks before and so far My Beauty Diary has the best in my opinion so I picked up the Strawberry Yogurt mask set because strawberry and yogurt are both really good for your skin, plus they were on sale.

This NIVEA extra whitening deodorant (I looked on Sasa website and I didn't have the stick form anymore so I linked the roll-on instead) is something I've had my eye's on for a long time. I have a problem with dark underarms and I heard that this whitens and clears any dark spots under there so I got it to try out. I don't think that they sell this here in the states so that's also why I bought it.

Lastly, I picked up these two sponges from KOKUBO. The one on the left is suppose to be for your face and the frog is a body wash mitten. I don't think that they sell the face sponge anymore because I checked online and couldn't find it.

Overall I was pretty impressed with all of my products. I was kind of disappointed on the shipping but then again it was from overseas and most overseas items take 2 weeks or more to arrive. I would recommend Sasa to anyone but take note that it does take a while before you can get your package.

Sasa is currently having a deal where if you spend $29 or more you get free shipping worldwide. Also, My beauty Diary is having 20% off some of their sheet masks right now.

Have you guys order from Sasa before? If so, what did you buy?



My Winter Hat Collection

So since the weather is getting colder a lot of you are probably buying lots of warm hats right? Well, not me! One advantage of being a crocheter/knitter is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on winter wear because you can easily make a simple hat or scarf with a skein or two of yarn. With that being said today I'm going to be show you guys my rather large collection of hats. One thing that you will notice is that most of my hats are knitted that's because my older sister has knitted me most of these hats. It's not that I haven't made any hats before it's just that when I do they are usually for someone else, so yeah. Anyways on to the hats!

My favorite types of hats are berets so I will start off with those first. I will tell you where I got the hats if their from a store if it doesn't say where it's from below then my sister made it.

My sister made a hat out of this color yarn and that same design but when I asked for it she said I couldn't have it so she made me the same hat instead. The only downside is that it looks kind of strange on my head.

This hat uses to different colored purple yarn but you can't tell in this picture. 

 Inspired by Twinkie Chan (This was before she released her book).

 One of my favorite hats made by my sister! I wished she made more hats like this because there my favorite! The hard part is trying to pick a outfit to match it.

One of the first hats my sister ever made for me. You can tell that her knitting skills have improved over the years. 

 Purple sequin beret from Forever 21.

This is my "Where the wild things are" hat. It's just missing the crown.

I want to cut out felt eyes and turn this one into a cookie monster hat.

My sister said its suppose to be a strawberry hat but it remind me more of a red chili pepper.

Another one of my favorite hats by my sister. This was one of my Christmas presents that she gave me last year. 

From Forever 21.

I made the pom pom on this one, it's HUGE! 

Hello Kitty hat from Hot Topic that I got years ago.

 This is my most recent hat purchase and it's from Forever 21's new Hello Kitty collection

Well that's all of my winter hats. I want to say thank you to my older sister (I know you are reading this) for always making me hats and keeping my head warm.

Do you guys knit or crochet your hats? Or does someone else you know make some for you? Or do you guys just buy them at stores?