October Random Favorites

So I didn't have that many October random favorites aside from candy, snacks, and a few accessories so maybe you may not find this post that interesting but I hope that you do. Anyways onto the favorites!

Skull Head Bracelets: I've been looking for colorful skull head bracelets everywhere! I found some on ebay but I didn't like the way they looked so I came across these on from GemPearls on etsy. I love these but the blue bracelet doesn't stretch as much as the pink one does.

Essjae Bracelets: When I saw the Hello Berry bracelets I fell in love with them but not with the price so I looked up on ebay and etsy to see if they had some similar bracelets like that and they did! I love the look of these bracelets and will be buying more soon! Check out the Essjae etsy shop if you are interested in these bracelets.

Snapea Crisps: I heard about these baked snapea crisps from a lot of people online but never thought they sold them in my local grocery store but hence I found some! At first I didn't like the taste but the more and more that I ate these crisps the more and more I fell in love with the flavor. There kind of like a healthy alternative to potato chips but they taste better then potato chips and don't have that nasty grease that potato chips do.

Candy: It was just Halloween so of course candy had to be included in my favorites!

Spike Headband: My last favorite item has to be this spike headband from Forever 21. I love the whole spike headband trend and can't wait to wear this more this month!

What were some of your random favorite items from last month?



  1. Halloween candy has been on my list for a little too long ;) Had to start having salads here and there...

  2. Oh my goodness Snapea crisps are pretty much the best snack ever! So yummy!

    1. I know! They're the best! I need to stock up on them next time I see some.