September Random Favorites

This is part two of my September favorites, check out the first part here. Some things I really liked in month of September were colored jeans, my knotted headband (DIY here!), kpop albums, scented candles, and Gunter the penguin! 

Slatkin and CO. Cinnamon Sugared Donut Candle: A few weeks ago when I was shopping at Bath and  Body Works I noticed that they came out with their Fall candle collection so of course I had to smell every single candle in the store (The people in the store probably I was getting high on candles or something). I bought two of the mini sized candles because I never end up finishing the big candles. I burned this candle almost everyday and it smells so sweet! Next time they have the 3-wick candles for $20 I'm buying the full size.

Gunter the penguin: Since I am a big fan of Adventure Time my older sister knitted me a plush Gunter! She couldn't get the stomach part right so I crocheted it and then cut out felt pieces for the eyes. I'm so happy with him/her, we watch Adventure Time together all the time! Pattern from here.

Colorful Jeans: I know that colorful jeans were probably a big trend in the summer but whatever I've been wearing these colored jeans from Kohls almost everyday and always get compliments when I wear them. I have three different colors coral, lavender, and magenta, not only are these jeans super bright and cute but they are also super comfortable.

Orange Caramel's First Album Lipstick: You guys probably already know that I am a big fan of Orange Caramel so I decided to buy their first album called Lipstick! Inside there is a photobook that is attached to the album and the CD. All the songs are really cute and the album reminds me of a children's book! So cute!

G-Dragon's One of A Kind Album: When I ordered the Orange Caramel album I also happen to order GD's  One Of A Kind album too! This is the bronze version they also have a gold version but I liked the cover of this album much better then the gold version however I liked the picture in the gold album better then this one but whatever GD still looks great in both and the songs are awesome!

Highlighter Yellow Shoulder Bag: My favorite purchase from September was my bright highlighter yellow bag that I got at Marshall's for only $7! I got this bag because 1. the color and 2. because it reminds me of a Rebecca Minkoff bag that I've seen before but sadly they don't sell it anymore (and if they did it would probably cost 100 times more then this bag did). I love this bag so much!

App of the Month, Bakery Story: My little sister introduced me to this adorably cute game called Bakery Story, you own this bakery and sell baked goods you can also decorate it however you want. It's really cute, fun, and free! If any of you play it add me: moomrin.

That's all for this favorites post. Let me know what are your random favorite from the month of September in the comments below.


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