Mini Jewelry Haul

I've been really into jewelry lately, especially bracelets. I love looking at different people's arm candy on instagram so I thought I would pick up some colorful bracelets so that I could play around with on my tiny wrist. Most of the bracelets that I own are either gold, sliver, or some neutral color so I glad that I finally have some color in my jewelry collection.

My colorful arm candy.
I fell in love with the Helloberry style bracelets but they were kind of expensive so I looked up if they had any knockoffs and found these bracelets by esssjae. I love the colors, the quality is great, and the price is really reasonable! Totally recommend these! 

They are currently having a sale on some of their bracelets so go check out their shop if you are interested.

This is another Helloberry knockoff bracelet that I found on ebay for $6. I love it so I bought it. It's slightly bigger then the other bracelets and the gold is less yellow looking then the others.

I bought these two colorful candy skull head bracelets from GemPearls on etsy. I've wanted some skull head  bracelets for a while but all the ones I found looked not so nice so I finally found these on etsy for a good price and with tons of colors to choose from! Perfect for Halloween!

Are you a fan of arm candy?


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  1. i love the bracelet with the word love on it! cute haul!
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    -Jen <3 :D