Mini Jewelry Haul

I've been really into jewelry lately, especially bracelets. I love looking at different people's arm candy on instagram so I thought I would pick up some colorful bracelets so that I could play around with on my tiny wrist. Most of the bracelets that I own are either gold, sliver, or some neutral color so I glad that I finally have some color in my jewelry collection.

My colorful arm candy.
I fell in love with the Helloberry style bracelets but they were kind of expensive so I looked up if they had any knockoffs and found these bracelets by esssjae. I love the colors, the quality is great, and the price is really reasonable! Totally recommend these! 

They are currently having a sale on some of their bracelets so go check out their shop if you are interested.

This is another Helloberry knockoff bracelet that I found on ebay for $6. I love it so I bought it. It's slightly bigger then the other bracelets and the gold is less yellow looking then the others.

I bought these two colorful candy skull head bracelets from GemPearls on etsy. I've wanted some skull head  bracelets for a while but all the ones I found looked not so nice so I finally found these on etsy for a good price and with tons of colors to choose from! Perfect for Halloween!

Are you a fan of arm candy?



Halloween Series: Midnight Kitten Tips

 This is the second nail design from my nail art Halloween series, to see the first design click here.
I wanted to make a french tip Halloween look so I came up with a black kitten tip with a purplish blue night time background and a moon on the ring finger. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

 What I used: OPI's I don't give a Rotterdam, a white nail polish, Zoya's Gaia, a black nail polish, a art deco yellow polish, Sally Hansen's insta-dri anti-chip top coat, dotting tools, and some nail brushes.

Step 1: First apply two coats of whatever nail polish you are using for the background. Next using a black nail polish make a cat's head outline on the top of your nail tips. Repeat on each nail besides the ring finger.

Step 2: Fill in each cat outline that you just made.

Step 3: Now it's the fun part, drawing in the kitty cat faces! I used a nail dotting tool and white polish to create the eyes and art deco's yellow polish to create the nose.

 Step 4: For my ring finger I drew a crescent moon shape. To make the moon I used a white polish to make the crescent outline and then filled in. Later I then applied Zoya's Gaia to give it a opalescent look.

Step 5: Apply a top coat to finish.

You now have a cute but still appropriate for Halloween nail look. Will you be trying out this nail look for Halloween?

Happy Halloween


October 2012 birchbox

For this month's Birchbox you got to choose between either getting your regular October Birchbox or getting a special Goop Birchbox. I decided to pick the Goop box because it seemed interesting. I don't know what Goop is all I know is that it was founded by Gwyneth Paltrow. Anyways goop put together some must-try essentials in this box so let's take a look at what they picked.

Box overview

 List of products

Naked Princess Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss: Full-size, $26
"Show off your (nearly) bare lips with this sheer gloss, which doubles as a subtle plumper." I already tried this and liked it. It has a slight vanilla scent and feels very nice on the lips. The color is really sheer almost goes on clear. I already has full lips so I don't use lip plumpers but I have before and they always have that tingling sensation but this one didn't which is cool but I didn't noticed any noticeable plumping action either.

Lulu Organics Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder: Full-size, $30
"Laced with organic lavender and sage, this sweet-smelling dry shampoo revives flat or second dry hair." I don't normally wash my hair everyday so I love using dry shampoos and powders. I've seen this hair powder around so I can't wait to finally try it out.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre - 24 Hour Miracle Cream: Full-size, $16
"A favorite of models and makeup artists, this cult French lotion heels dryness. Bonus: It also works as a primer and makeup remover." I didn't know exactly what this product did so I had to check out the Birchbox website to see what it does. It is actually a makeup remover but doubles as a lotion on hands and neck. I've been looking for a really good makeup remover so I will try this out tonight and see if I like it.

LUNA LemonZest: Pack of 15, $18.75
 "These zesty snacks are a goop fave. They're perfect for keeping you full in between meals (plus they can double as a healthy dessert!). I am a big fan of Luna bars already, they're some of my favorite healthy "candy" bars! I really like the lemonzest flavor so I'm glad that I got this in my box. I love getting food in my Birchboxes!

 Karuna Hydrating Treatment Masks: 4 masks, $28
"Get on board with the sheet mask trend. This at-home fave contains Japanese natto (read: soybean) to boost skin's moisture levels." I've been waiting to get a sheet mask in my Birchbox for a long time so I'm really glad I got one, finally! I love sheet masks so I can't wait to try this one out! I will do a review if I like it or not.

Well that is it for this box. I loved all the products in this box but for some reason I feel some what unsatisfied with this box. I think it's because I didn't get my special mystery wrapped package that I get every month or maybe because for once I didn't receive a lot of cards with discounts or something, which would've come in handy to explain what Goop is. I don't know if it was like this with everybody's box or just mine. Let me know it the comments along with what you got in your boxes this month. 



How to: Crochet Kitty Ears

Since Halloween is among us now I thought I would make some Halloween themed DIY's. This first DIY is a simple crochet pattern on how to make some cute kitten ears. If your not thinking about dressing up you can at least wear these adorable kitty cat ears on Halloween to look festive. This pattern is easy and perfect for beginners. Now let's get started!

You will need:
- Yarn of your choice (I used white worsted yarn)
- Crochet hook size G
- Hair clips 
- Felt to match the color of the yarn
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun 

1. Ch 6 sts. Sl st to first chain to form ring. Total sts = 6 sts.
2. Sc 2 into each st. Total sts = 12 sts.
3. Sc 12 sts. Total sts = 12 sts.
4. Sc 1, sc 2 into each st. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 18 sts.
5. Sc 18 sts. Total sts = 18 sts.
6. Sc 1, make one dec. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 12 sts.
7. Sc 1, make two dec. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 8 sts.
8. Sc 1, make one dec. Repeat until finish. 
9. Sl st last st. Cut, pull, and done! 

For the clip part measure and cut a felt piece the size of your hair clip. Make two.

Using your hot glue gun carefully glue the clip to the felt pieces. 

Tada! Now go out and rock your kitty ears! 

If you have any problems with this pattern feel free to leave me a message and I will do my best to help you. Also, if any of you try this pattern send me pictures! I would love to see your version!

Happy Halloween


Nail Colors for Autumn

During autumn most people tend to wear darker nail polish colors like taupe browns and rich berry tones. I usually don't like wearing dark colors I actually like to wear pastels year around but I wanted to make a list of beautiful fall like colors that you can wear this season and look totally trendy in. You will probably see me wearing these colors this fall.

I choose four semi-bright colors including Zoya's Caitlin, a dusted purple with hints of grey. China Glaze's Gaga for Green, a bright forest green. Essie's Bahama Mama, a gorgeous berry color that looks darker in person and Zoya's Cynthia, a dark greenish blue color perfect for fall.

 I think that neutral nail colors are probably the best colors to wear during this time of the year because they go great with whatever you wear. I choose Love and Beauty's taupe and Avon's black as night matte nail polish, matte nail polishes are also great for fall.

Lastly I choose three fun colors that you can wear during autumn for a fun trendy look. I already mentioned before that Color Club's Editorial is a perfect fall nail polish but I also like OPI's Tease-Y-Does It, a fabulous dark red velvet color with gold glitters. If you think neutrals are boring then try a neutral color with a bit of shimmer like China Glaze's Swing Baby, a shimmery champagne color that looks like a classy party on your nails. 

What's your favorite nail polish colors for fall?



Drugstore Haul

I recently picked up some beauty goodies from drugstore.com and thought I would share it with you guys. Drugstore.com is a website that offers drugstore products at a discounted price. I was really impressed with the shipping I placed my order on Wednesday and my package arrived on Friday! I would totally recommend this website if you are looking to order a lot of drugstore items plus they offer free shipping on orders over $25.

I bought Essie's Bahama Mama because I heard it's a popular nail color for the fall, usually I don't like dark fall nail polishes but this one is gorgeous! I repurchased Queen Helene's Oatmeal' n Honey facial scrub because it's one of my favorite face scrubs. I looked up Thayers rose petal witch hazel toner with aloe vera because I needed a new toner and boy is this bottle HUGE, totally worth $7!

Nest I picked up OPI's I Don't Give A Rotterdam and Nivea's milk and honey lip balm, if you guys remember a while back I posted my beauty wishlist and had both of these products on it so of course I bought them to scratch them off my list.

My favorite purchase was this EOS Alice in Wonderland set it has three exclusive lip balm flavors in blueberry potion, sweet vanilla nonsense. and watermelon wonderland. I go through EOS lip balms really quick so I'm glad that I have a few extras.



September Random Favorites

This is part two of my September favorites, check out the first part here. Some things I really liked in month of September were colored jeans, my knotted headband (DIY here!), kpop albums, scented candles, and Gunter the penguin! 

Slatkin and CO. Cinnamon Sugared Donut Candle: A few weeks ago when I was shopping at Bath and  Body Works I noticed that they came out with their Fall candle collection so of course I had to smell every single candle in the store (The people in the store probably I was getting high on candles or something). I bought two of the mini sized candles because I never end up finishing the big candles. I burned this candle almost everyday and it smells so sweet! Next time they have the 3-wick candles for $20 I'm buying the full size.

Gunter the penguin: Since I am a big fan of Adventure Time my older sister knitted me a plush Gunter! She couldn't get the stomach part right so I crocheted it and then cut out felt pieces for the eyes. I'm so happy with him/her, we watch Adventure Time together all the time! Pattern from here.

Colorful Jeans: I know that colorful jeans were probably a big trend in the summer but whatever I've been wearing these colored jeans from Kohls almost everyday and always get compliments when I wear them. I have three different colors coral, lavender, and magenta, not only are these jeans super bright and cute but they are also super comfortable.

Orange Caramel's First Album Lipstick: You guys probably already know that I am a big fan of Orange Caramel so I decided to buy their first album called Lipstick! Inside there is a photobook that is attached to the album and the CD. All the songs are really cute and the album reminds me of a children's book! So cute!

G-Dragon's One of A Kind Album: When I ordered the Orange Caramel album I also happen to order GD's  One Of A Kind album too! This is the bronze version they also have a gold version but I liked the cover of this album much better then the gold version however I liked the picture in the gold album better then this one but whatever GD still looks great in both and the songs are awesome!

Highlighter Yellow Shoulder Bag: My favorite purchase from September was my bright highlighter yellow bag that I got at Marshall's for only $7! I got this bag because 1. the color and 2. because it reminds me of a Rebecca Minkoff bag that I've seen before but sadly they don't sell it anymore (and if they did it would probably cost 100 times more then this bag did). I love this bag so much!

App of the Month, Bakery Story: My little sister introduced me to this adorably cute game called Bakery Story, you own this bakery and sell baked goods you can also decorate it however you want. It's really cute, fun, and free! If any of you play it add me: moomrin.

That's all for this favorites post. Let me know what are your random favorite from the month of September in the comments below.



September Beauty Favorites

It's October which means it's time for another favorites post! Honestly I love making these favorites posts because there so fun for me to do (But take up a lot of time!). Anyways today I will be sharing my favorite beauty products for the month of September, I have quite a bit this month so let's go ahead and start.

Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser by Philosophy: Last month I was cleaning out my beauty cabinet in my bathroom (By cleaning I mean using all of the product until it's finished) then I stumbled upon a mini bottle of the Purity Made Simple Cleanser that I got in my Birchbox last year. After using this cleanser for a while and loving it I decided to order the full size. This is a milky cleanser but it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. I also love the smell!

MAC Cleanse Off Oil: I needed a eye make up remover so I researched and found the MAC Cleanse off oil. At first I didn't like this product but the more and more I used it the more I liked it.  

Eyeko London SKINNY Liquid Eyeliner: I received this liquid eyeliner in my Birchbox a few months ago. I've never been a fan of liquid eyeliner because you have to have a really steady hand or you will mess up your eyeliner but I really like this eye liner and will probably find myself using more liquid eyeliners in the future.

VASANTI Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: I actually got this product in my recent Birchbox and even though I haven't used this for a month I can already tell you that it's AMAZING! I love the way it smells and feels on my face, but it can be kind of abrasive at first. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Treatment Conditioner: I've been using the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle for about 2 months now and I LOVE this product! Even after the first use it made my hair feel clean, shiny, and healthy. You guys need to try this!

Benefit IT'S POTENT Eye Cream: I received a sample of the Benefit IT'S POTENT eye cream in a package. It's a really small jar but I just barely dip my finger in the jar and with that I get enough product to cover both of my eye's.

Benefit the POREfessional Primer: I've have so many little samples of this primer that if I add all of them up it probably makes a full size. Anyways I love the way this primer feels on my face and it makes my makeup glide on my face really smooth.

Suave Naturals Body Wash in Tropical Coconut: I never think I would love a body wash as much as I love this one by Suave Naturals. The coconutty smell, the way it lathers, everything! I will definitely be repurchasing this! 

Color Club Nail Polish in Tweet Me: Since I wasn't impressed with my Color Club nail polish designed by Birchbox I decide to buy the color that I would've like to get. Tweet Me is a beautiful bright mix of green and yellow. It looks absolutely beautiful on the nails (I'm wearing it now)!

Come back tomorrow for my non-beauty favorites! What's one of your favorite beauty products that you discovered in the month of September?