Halloween Series: Midnight Kitten Tips

 This is the second nail design from my nail art Halloween series, to see the first design click here.
I wanted to make a french tip Halloween look so I came up with a black kitten tip with a purplish blue night time background and a moon on the ring finger. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

 What I used: OPI's I don't give a Rotterdam, a white nail polish, Zoya's Gaia, a black nail polish, a art deco yellow polish, Sally Hansen's insta-dri anti-chip top coat, dotting tools, and some nail brushes.

Step 1: First apply two coats of whatever nail polish you are using for the background. Next using a black nail polish make a cat's head outline on the top of your nail tips. Repeat on each nail besides the ring finger.

Step 2: Fill in each cat outline that you just made.

Step 3: Now it's the fun part, drawing in the kitty cat faces! I used a nail dotting tool and white polish to create the eyes and art deco's yellow polish to create the nose.

 Step 4: For my ring finger I drew a crescent moon shape. To make the moon I used a white polish to make the crescent outline and then filled in. Later I then applied Zoya's Gaia to give it a opalescent look.

Step 5: Apply a top coat to finish.

You now have a cute but still appropriate for Halloween nail look. Will you be trying out this nail look for Halloween?

Happy Halloween


How to: Crochet Kitty Ears

Since Halloween is among us now I thought I would make some Halloween themed DIY's. This first DIY is a simple crochet pattern on how to make some cute kitten ears. If your not thinking about dressing up you can at least wear these adorable kitty cat ears on Halloween to look festive. This pattern is easy and perfect for beginners. Now let's get started!

You will need:
- Yarn of your choice (I used white worsted yarn)
- Crochet hook size G
- Hair clips 
- Felt to match the color of the yarn
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun 

1. Ch 6 sts. Sl st to first chain to form ring. Total sts = 6 sts.
2. Sc 2 into each st. Total sts = 12 sts.
3. Sc 12 sts. Total sts = 12 sts.
4. Sc 1, sc 2 into each st. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 18 sts.
5. Sc 18 sts. Total sts = 18 sts.
6. Sc 1, make one dec. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 12 sts.
7. Sc 1, make two dec. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 8 sts.
8. Sc 1, make one dec. Repeat until finish. 
9. Sl st last st. Cut, pull, and done! 

For the clip part measure and cut a felt piece the size of your hair clip. Make two.

Using your hot glue gun carefully glue the clip to the felt pieces. 

Tada! Now go out and rock your kitty ears! 

If you have any problems with this pattern feel free to leave me a message and I will do my best to help you. Also, if any of you try this pattern send me pictures! I would love to see your version!

Happy Halloween