Nails Art Supplies

Hey guys so maybe you guys don't know this but I am currently in LOVE with gel manicures! I've never had a professionally done gel manicure but I've done them myself and not only do they last longer but they look awesome too! Regular manicures last a few days but gel nails last 2 to 3 weeks! Which is amazing since I don't always have time to do my nails. Anyways I've collected quite a bit of gel and nail art supplies so I thought why not show you guys my collection?

I got this 24 pack of UV glitters on eBay for around $5. 

 Pack of lint-free wipes (a essential for gel nails), Freeman peppermint and plum foot lotion, Gelish artificial nail remover, a small glass, and Gelish Structure Gel.

I displace all of my nail supplies in a birchbox. Great for organizing!

Fimo clay rods I got a pack of 100 on eBay for about $5.

 Four nail art spheres with pearls, gems, and dessert fimo slices (also from eBay). 

 Nail dotting tools, nail file, nail buffer, small nail essential kit (Comes in a cute cupcake pouch!), and a four sided nail buffer.

Heart shaped nail file (Which I got from my Birchbox), 3D acrylic nail art letter mold, blade (to cut the fimo pieces), 7 piece nail art brush set, cuticle pusher, nail file, big nail clipper, cuticle remover cream, and nail tweezers.  

 I use the Sensationail starter kit by Nailene. I got this as a birthday gift and I love it! It comes with all the gel nail essentials you need to get started. The LED lamp and the bottles in the kit are a bit small but I was ok with that because you only use them once or twice a month.

Here is a closer look at the bottles you get in the Sensationail starter kit. You get a gel nail color (I got the pink chiffon kit), a clear gel coat that you use as both the base and top coat (You use this a lot so I would recommend getting a separate base and top coat), a gel primer, and a gel cleanser.

I'm still pretty new at gel manicures but once I get the hang of it I will make more gel nail rated posts. Do you guys like gel nails?



How to: Crochet A Knot Headband

Hey guys so today I am finally doing another DIY post! Since it's getting a lot more coolr I am going to show you guys how to crochet a cute knotted headband so that you can wear from fall to winter. This is a easy and basic pattern so even new crocheters can make this.

For yarn I used Knit Pick's brava worsted yarn in the color rouge.

First you are going to want to measure the diameter of your head, I just measured how I wanted my headband to fit. My head measured 21 inches so I started off with 62 chains. 

Ch 62 sts.
Sk the first 2 chs and work a sc into each st until you reach the end of the row.
Ch 1, turn, and crochet the entire row (repeat however many rows you want your headband to have, I crochet 6 rows total).

Now after you have reached the end of however many rows you want ch 1 but don't turn instead stick your hook into the side of your work and sc that row.

Ch 1, turn and continue sc 10 more rows (Depending on how thick you made your rows before you may want to make these rows a bit longer). 

 After you reach the end of your side rows it is time to go back to your original work. Join these two rows together by working a sc all the way to the other side like you did earlier.

Repeat the above steps to make another ten sc rows on the side (Use the pictures to guide you). Cut off leave a long tail for sewing.

This is how your headband should look like. 

Now time for the knot. Get your two sc rows that you made on the side ready. 

Cross the rows by making a X. 

The piece facing you should go over and under the other piece like this. 

 Next join the end parts together and sew the sides together.

Tada! This is how your headband should like like when you are finished! You can make your headband whatever color and size you want. If you want a thicker headband I suggest you use a thick yarn. If you want your knot to look more bulky try making your headband thicker. 

Let me know if you try this pattern! Also if there is any problems please let me know and I will try to help you.



Guest Review: A Tale of Two Sisters: Gash & Peroxide

Two totally different colors, like two totally different sisters. One dark and classic, the other sparkly and bubbly. This describes me and Michelle fairly well. I'm her older sister, Stephanie. She was nice enough to let me do a little makeup review for A Colorful Creation. Today's my favorite makeup topic: LIPTSICK. 

I'm the kind of girl who actually doesn't wear much makeup. I don't do mascara and eyeliner, my nails are rarely done, and a glimpse at my skin will tell you I'm in dire need of some good skin care habits. But I do indulge in lipsticks, their companions lipgloss and lip balm, and BB creams.  

Urban Decay is one of my favorite companies. I love that they are animal-friendly and have kickass names for their colors like "F-Bomb" and "Apocalypse." They're having a super sale right now on some products they're discontinuing. Sad times. I was going to title this "A Fond Farewell: Urban Decay Lipsticks," but that would be too sad and negative and Michelle is NOT into negativity. 

I bought two tubes at the crazy price of $8 bucks each, when they normally go for $22.

Can we talk about the packaging first? Just look at it! It's all pretty and purpley. There's a little dagger at the end of it because "Lipstick is a weapon of love." I guess they're implying love is a battlefield? Makeup is war paint? I could go on forever.


There really is nothing like red lips for confidence. You can't convince me that there is any better color for lips. There was a time when I couldn't go without a bit of rouge on my lips or my face would feel naked. Gash has to be the best red I've ever worn. It's dark and luscious. It has magenta undertones, so if you're not too into bright, cherry red you may like it. The satiny finish makes thin lips look fuller.


Such a deadly name for such a pretty pink. I wanted to wander a bit away from the red and try something safer and more day-time appropriate. This pale pink is fun to wear. The photo doesn't show it, but this shade has just a hint of shimmer and glitter without looking too wild. I tend to wear it without lipgloss just so the slight sparkliness will show. This is more up the marshmallow, bubblegum rainbow alley of A Colorful Creation, non?

So, Colorful Creators, do you have any Urban Decay favorites?