My Adventures in Knitting Land

I am a big fan of knitted things but I always found knitting to be harder to learn then crochet was, So that's why I made it one of my goals this year to improve my knitting. When I received my first knitting book it was the perfect chance to start! Here are some of my knitting projects that I've completed the past couple of months.

 Bumble Bee Cozy

 Rainbow Book Cozy

This was my first ever knitted amigurumi. I got the pattern from the book Knitting Mochimochi, I was super happy at how it came out!

I bought two pair of Knit Lite needles a long time ago to practice my knitting. These come handy when it's dark or if you don't want to disturb someone at night.


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  1. I saw your post in the Elle and Blair.com forums. The book cozy is so impressive, I have always wanted to learn how to knit. I never knew they made light up knitting needles. That is so cool!