Review: BENTA BERRY G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream

I have so many products that I've tried the past couple of months so expect some reviews the next few weeks. Anyways for today I will be reviewing the G-1 face cream by a new brand to me called BENTA BERRY. I was wondering through the Birchbox website looking for a new moisturizer because mine had ran out I then saw this one and fell in love with the bottle. I read some reviews online about this product but most people either loved it or hated it but I bought in the end anyways.


Size difference

What it claims to do: Regulate skin oil levels, purify skin, reduce breakouts and redness, and leaves skin soft and matte.

After using this product for about a month here were my results. For the first few day it only moisturized my skin and that was about all but after a week or two my skin started to break out with mini red pimples all over my face! However I only got a few pimples and those pimples only got worse the more I used this moisturizer (But no new pimples appeared).

- I liked the smell. It smelled like fresh berries but wasn't strong and it faded after a while.
- Cute packing. The main reason I choose this moisturizer to try out was because of the tube.
- Left my face matte (but not for long).

- Broke me out
- Expensive
- Didn't leave my skin soft.
- Hard to find
- Hard to dissolve into skin
- Very small! I thought it would be the size of my Smooth Moves hair cream but it was like the size of a sample bottle, which makes me wonder how big the Birchbox sample size was.

Overall I hated this product. I wouldn't recommend this because 1. It costs too much, 2. The size is small, and 3. It didn't do anything that it claimed to do, so do not buy this!

You can purchase the BENTA BERRY G-1 moisturizing face cream here.


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  1. Thanks for letting me know this. I was JUST about to buy from Birchbox after getting it this month.
    I was wondering about the size and if it would break me out. I see now and I will not be buying.