My First Knitting Book

A couple of weeks ago I won a copy of Stitch London by Lauren O'Farrell on Cut Out + Keep and it finally came in the mail the other day. Stitch London features 20 London inspired knitting patterns from London landmarks to cute mug huggers to cuddle your cup of tea. The book even comes with a free pigeon knitting kit to get you started, awesome!

The kit includes blue and white worsted weight yarn, a set of four double pointed needle (not shown) a pink pipecleaner, and black beads as the eyes.

I'm currently working on this bee cup cozy (I will upload pictures when I am finished!).

I love the fact that the book offers both a mix of toys and accessories (I usually only find a book that does one or the other). Now I can practice my knitting alot more as I create my own miniature sized London! I also forgot to mention that this is my first ever knitting book but I am currently looking for cute knitting books like this to build up my collection, any recommendations?


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