VICHY Product Review

Last month I received a special Birchbox sponsored by French skincare company VICHY (Check out that post here). I promised that I would test out these products for a month and share my results with you all a month later. Some of these products were hits and some were huge misses, check out the review below to see which products are worth checking out and which ones are best left untouched.

Purete Thermal 3-IN-1 One Step Cleanser
This is the cleanser that I've been using for the past month it's VICHY's Purete Thermal 3-in-1 one step cleanser. 

- Made my appear skin clearer.
- Removed all of my makeup.

- Too milky.
- My skin didn't feel clean after using this.

Would I buy this? No, I love my Ahava rich cleanser too much!

Would you recommend this to somebody? Yes, I think this would be perfect for someone who has dry/sensitive skin. 

Aqualia Thermal Cream
I really hated using this because it made my oily skin come back so I had to stop using it early. Even my family members noticed that my skin look "sweaty" and gross. 

- Very moisturizing.
- A little bit of product goes a long way.
- Lightweight.

- Very greasy!
- Made me skin appear oily.
- Unhygienic, since it comes in a jar I have to dig my hands in each time.

Would I buy this? NO!

Would I recommend this to somebody? Unless you have really dry skin and need all that oily. 

Lifactiv Rhamnose Night Cream
Through it's similar to the thermal cream I ended up liking this better. Even though it's heavyweight cream I feel that it can pass since you sleep you need that extra moisture.   

- Hydrating.
- A little goes a long way.

- The cream was thick. I don't really like heavy products on my skin.
- Unhygienic, since it comes in a jar I have to dig my hands in each time.

Would I buy this? Probably not however I do need a night cream.

Would you recommend this to somebody? Maybe, but I didn't really see that much of a difference in my face.


Did not like this makeup remover at all! It didn't remover anything not waterproof mascara, not normal mascara, not eyeliner, and not even eye shadow! This is just a terrible product do not waste your money on this.

Overall I didn't really like the VICHY skincare line that much. I wouldn't personally buy anything from them plus they test on animal which is a big turn off to me (I didn't research the company before I got sent the box). I feel there is so many companies out there that have much better skincare products.

You can purchase these products off VICHY's official website here


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