3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

I've always been very interested in green smoothies so the last three days I decided to do a green smoothie challenge. All you have to do is mix different fruits and a green vegetable, I choose spinach. Blend your desired fruits with spinach, ice, and water in a blender to create a yummy green concoction. Down below I listed the my three smoothies that I created along with my afterthoughts on each drink.

Day 1
On my first day I added one banana, a few pineapple chunks, a handful of spinach, a few ice cubes, and a cup of water to create a light green frothy drink. I really likes this smoothie I only wished that I had added more ice cubes because it was kind of warm.

Day 2
The second day I had a very bright green smoothie that contained leftover pineapple chunks, papaya slices, a handful of spinach, a few ice cubes, and a cup of water. This smoothie was way too mushy (I think I added too much spinach) this was my least favorite out of the three.

Day 3
On the last day I had a strawberry and banana green smoothie. This was by far my favorite out of the three! It was super delicious it tasted just like a strawberry and banana smoothie but green (well not that green it was very light green, the least green of the three).

I had so much fun making different versions of the green smoothie. I would totally recommend you trying out the 3 day green smoothie challenge out it's so fun to create different drinks and a great way to eat more veggies and fruits but in drink form.

Have you tried a green smoothie before?



DIY: Crochet Bow Band

I use to sell these bow hair ties (which I called bow bands) and today I am going to show you how to make these cute bows! It's super easy and makes your hair look adorable!

 I used wasbi colored wool yarn to create my bow band because I like to felt my bows after I'm finished but you can use whatever type of yarn you would like.

 Make sure you leave a uber long yarn tail for sewing afterwards! 

 If you left a longer tail then you can just start attaching the hair tie after sewing down the bow shape. I ran out of yarn from the tail and had to cut out another piece.

Now you are done! I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY and let me know if you try it out.