My Recent Creations

A few weeks ago I wanted to get some long awaited DIY projects done and finally I got them all done! Today I am going to share with you those craft projects. You may have seen some of these already but if you haven't here they are. Enjoy!

I've had this clear plastic case for my phone for a while and had plan to deco out but had no inspiration then I ran into So Totally Lame's blog and fell in love with her cases! She made a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu inspired case for one of her follower's and knew that I had to make one myself. She made the case inspired by Kyary's "Pon Pon Pon" video but I made one inspired by everything that reminds me of Kyary. I made all of the pieces on the case out of clay. I really loved the way the case came out (Even though it's kind of messy, but hey it's my first decoden case ever!) expect more decoden from me soon!

I made a post on spike headbands last month but had no luck finding one... So I finally decided to make one myself. I even show you how to DIY a spike headband yourself here. My only advice is to add lots of pressure when adding the spikes to the headband, you may even want to use a stronger glue if you have some laying around.

I originally made this as the header for my blog but I ended up using a different picture as the header. This picture now hangs in my soon-to-be craft room.

I made this To Do list printable that you can hang in your room, office, refrigerator, etc. all you have to do is print the page out here!

Since I had a lot of clay I wanted to make some decoden pieces (for some upcoming projects!). For some reason I have a lot of brown clay so I made some chocolate truffles and turned them into rings. They look so real I want to eat them! hehe

I'm planning on selling some crochet rings soon so keep your eyes open they may be up sooner then you think!
Well those are all of my craft creations that I've done in the past few weeks. Take a look at the DIY's that I posted and let me know if you end up making any of them. Stay tune for a shop update coming up very soon!


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