Review: MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream

Today I'm going to be doing a mini review on MISSHA's perfect cover BB cream in NO.23 natural beige.

The MISSHA perfect cover BB cream is a multi function BB cream that claims to block UV rays, lighten skin, heal blemishes, and prevent skin from aging. The cream itself has grayish undertone (most BB creams tend to have this) and a light scent (but I like it).

What is BB cream?
It's a blemish balm cream that was originally formulated in South Korea and then became popular all over Asia. BB cream provides natural looking skin coverage while having multi functions such as light coverage, SPF sunscreen, concealing and treating skin. Over the past few years BB cream has become very popular all over the world (Garnier just released their first BB cream becoming the first ever BB cream to be available in drugstores in the States). Think of it as a tinted moisturizer but 100% better I kind of like to think of it as a foundation + skincare = BB CREAM!

This is my second tube of the MISSHA perfect cover BB cream and it also was the first ever BB cream that I ever used. I used this BB cream every single day when I was a sophomore in high school and it brightened and healed my skin (That's what made me fall in love with this cream!). When I ran out of the cream I swicthed to a new foundation and never looked back (WHY did I do this!). Fast forward two years later and I have fallen in love with this stuff all over again!

- Contain SPF42 PA +++
- Light coverage
- Heals blemishes
- Reduces appearance of wrinkles
- Leaves skin with a dewy glow (I love my skin to look dewy)
- Comes with a pump. The tube that I used the first time didn't have a pump and you had to squeeze the tube in order to get any product out so I'm glad that they added a pump.

- Not a big color range (most Asian BB creams also lack this).
- Doesn't always match your skin so its better to set with a powder.
- Hard to find, you can find these all over the web but unless you live near a Asian town you have to it purchase it online.

I really love BB cream and have done my research so I've decided that for now on I'm going to try more BB creams because they are so much better and healthier for your skin then foundations. I already have a few on my shopping list to get in the future. Of course I will do a review on each one to share my likes and dislikes.

Have you tried BB cream? If so, which is your favorite?



  1. I've tried this bb cream before, quite like it except for the dewy effect. lol my fave now is Lioele ^^

    1. Wow thanks for checking out my blog! I've heard so many good reviews on the Lioele BB cream its definitely on my list.

  2. hi you have great posts! i have BB cream and i love it, i have like 3 of them i bought from korea. They are awesome!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I know I love BB creams they're the best!