Nail Polish Haul

I recently picked up some nail polishes from Zoya and 8ty8beauty so since I haven't done a haul in a while I decided to do a quick nail polish haul.

China Glaze's newest collection Electropop hits stores in February but I saw them already up and in sale on 8ty8beauty and since they looked so beautiful I knew that I had to get them. This was my first purchase from 8ty8beauty, I've been to the website hundreds of time but never bothered buying anything before. My only compliant is that they charge a lot for shipping(which was nine dollars for these five bottles), but I guess its only because the nail polishes are so inexpensive. Shipping was quick I got an email saying that my package had been sent on Friday and received my nail polishes on Monday.

Left to right, Dance baby, Aquadelic, and Kinectic candy.

Left to right, Kinectic candy, Gothic lolita, Gaga for green.

In the begging of the year Zoya had an offer going around that if you could get any two polishes free as long as you pay for shipping. I love these types of offers from Zoya so I could not refuse. I got two nail polishes from Zoya's feel collection and one from their smoke & mirrors collection.

This is Zoya's Kristen nail polish, it's a light baby blue color with grey undertones in it. It looks a lot more blue in the picture but it's much softer in person.

Kendel is a light purplish pink color with a grey undertone. I was really intrigued when I first saw this color because its like a mix or lilac and mauve mixed in together to create this polish. It's lovey!

This is Cynthia from Zoya's smoke & mirror collection. Another interesting color, a deep peacock blue with warm green undertones in it. I've never seen a color like this so this was a must. As you can tell I'm really starting to like strange uncommon nail polishes lately. 

I will be posting a separate post on the China Glaze polishes with swatches and color descriptions later this week.  


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