September 2011 Birchbox

Every month when I receive an email from Birchbox saying that my birchbox has been mailed I search on Youtube and various blogs to see what some people got, because some lucky people get their birchboxes the day when their box is sent, and because I want to see what I could get in mine! Anyways I always see a certain pattern and this month was no difference. Anyways I was really hoping to get this box aside from the others because it had stuff that I was excited to try out and guess what? In the end I really did get the box I wanted! Yay! Now on to what I got in my September birchbox.

In honor of birchbox's one year anniversary this month's box is full of some of birchbox's favorite products.

First glance at what's inside.

The first thing I saw was the Blinc mascara. "Long days call for sweatproof mascara. This tubing mascara does the trick and looks extra glossy, too." I actually tried this mascara you can read about my first experience here. But I'm going to do a full review later.

Next is this lash card."Smear not: This handy card ensures that your mascara stays on your lashes, not on your eyelids." I have a big problem with always getting mascara on my eyelids, I always wait til it becomes dry and then remove with a q-tip. But I really like that I got this, I've tried using an index card and putting it on over your eyelashes this is basically the same so I can't wait to try it out and I know that I will be using this.

When I was watching and reading other people's birchbox I noticed that everybody got these nail strips by Incoco so I was very excited to see what pattern I got! "we all have a wild side. Nail strips are the latest trend - try them on your fingers or toes." I'm really happy about the design I got but I saw a rainbow design and really liked it too but whatever I still like this design too. I've actually had a bad experience with nail strips but I'm willing to give them another chance. These will be featured in a NOTD post so keep your eyes out for that.


Next thing I got was the LIV GRN natural eau de parfum. "Made from sustainable ingredients, this broght scent is laced with orange and neroli. Plus, ten perfect of sales go directly to Global Green, an environmental non-profit." I really like this idea a parfum made from sustainable ingredients, especially since it smells so good! It smells very fresh but at the same time nice and natural, plus the sample is big and that's always good!

The last beauty product was the Jouer lip enhancer. "Why settle for plain 'ol lip balm when you can hydrate, plump, and condition all in one go? Right, we thought so." I already have plump lips and I've always been ok with the size of my lips so I'm kind of on the fence on this product. But I do like how it says that hydrates your lips like a lip balm so I may just try it for the reason.

Since this is birchbox's first year anniversary this month's treat is a special birchbox friendship bracelet. How sweet of them! Oh and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BIRCHBOX! To another great year full of more beauty goodness!♥


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