August 2011 Birchbox

Look what came yesterday! This month they shipped out my birchbox really fast which is great because I use to be one of those people who got their birchbox last, but this month it surprised me how fast I actually got it. Also the when I held up the box it was surprisingly light. Which only meant one thing...

List of all the products

What's inside this month?

6 oz - $16

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was this cute bottle-sample thing. It's a climate control heat & humidity gel by Quidad. Birchbox says it's "A styling aid with brains! When this non-sticky gel senses heat, it stops hair from expanding. Welcome to frizz-free curls." I used this today when my hair was slightly damp and it really did keep frizz away and it is non-sticky, I do not really go outside so I don't know if it does control heat and humidity but next time I go out I will.

3.7 fl oz - $62

This is the second thing you will probably noticed in the box. It's a papaya purifying enzyme masque by June Jacobs. "Powered by natural fruit extracts, this creamy mask dissolves dull cells, then boosts skin with essential oils and antioxidant-rich tea extracts." I actually really excited to try this one out, I've always wanted to try out an enzyme masque! I know that sounded pretty weird, but no really I've read lots about enzyme masques and how good they are for your skin so I can't wait til I use this baby!

I wonder what's in here?

Cute new card I decide to answer these questions on here.
1. What futuristic beauty product do you wish existed?
If you could see a picture on a screen that shows you how the makeup would look on you before you applied it that would be awesome! Like try it before you get it without actually applying it on. Like a virtual Sephora!

2. What if there were a machine that could apply makeup for you? A lipstick that flashed different shades throughout the day? Or a way to change your eye color without contacts?
I think if there was a machine that could apply makeup for you it would just take out the fun of applying makeup on everyday. A mood changing lipstick? maybe but don't they already have that? And changing color eyes without poking your eye's out? YEAH! But I like the color of my eyes, but I still would love to try that out.

2 fl oz - &11 & 5.3 fl oz - $25

In the package is Shavework's the cool fix. "At last, a solution to bumps, ingrown, and other shaving and waxing side effects. Bonus: It soothes as it works." I tend to have lots of ingrown hairs on my legs, especially my thighs, so when I read about this product I couldn't wait to use it. I used this today after I shaved my legs, get out of the shower and dry then apply on your legs or anywhere with red bumps. I noticed that smell reminded me of nail salons, like nail polish remover or acrylic nails. However it did give a cooling effect that soothes your legs but it also stung my thighs but just a little. You are suppose to apply this twice a day to get rid of ingrown hairs so I still need to test this product out a little but once I do I will do a full review on this product.

1 fl oz - $36

Last makeup product in the box is the Smashbox Cosmetic's photo finish foundation primer. "This award winning primer is better than ever, with brand-new packaging. It gives skin a matte, velvet-soft finish and keeps makeup in place all day." I remember hearing about this primer years ago saying that it was the best primer out on the market. But I never had the chance to try it out because of the price, so to finally try out this primer makes me really happy!

Set of 3 - $5

Last but not least the extra goody that comes with every birchbox. This is a twistband hair tie. "This soft elastic gives the hair tie a sophisticated makeover - it looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair." To be honest I think this is the worst extra ever that I've gotten in my birchbox! I mean a hair tie? At first when I saw it I thought it was one of those black ribbons that goes around the tissue paper, but when I saw it on the card I was like...O...K.. I rarely ever put my hair up so I do not think I will even use this but seriously a hair tie?

1. What futuristic beauty product do you wish existed?2. What if there were a machine that could apply makeup for you? A lipstick that flashed different shades throughout the day? Or a way to change your eye color without contacts?