Jewel Mint #3

This month I decided to get another product from Jewel Mint, yet again. This time I got a pair of earrings. For some reason I always love the boxes that comw with your jewerly piece, usually it comes in a mint colored box with a description of the item inside. But this time it also came with a cute bow that said Jewel Mint on it. This was the first time I got a cute bow on the box so I was like "How cute!"

Ever since last month It was like love at first sight with the desert sand earrings. But I ended up choosing the Blazing Chain Bracelet insted, which I totally love by the way!

This month nothing really caught my eyes so I decided to get my last love the Desert Sand Earrings. And I must say that I'm in love with these pair of earrings! I love the tribal vibe they give to your outfit, which if your into trend these earrings will be perfect for the summer. The earrings have a sliver bead on the top part of the earrings with a desert inspired print on the medallion part below, to finish off there is some colorful beaded fringe with sliver leaves at the end and a Jewel Mint logo incrusted on the back of both medallions. The earrings were inspired by Kate Bosworth's and Cher Coulter's trip to Mexico.

I can see myself wearing these during the summer in Mexico or at a music festival on a late summer night. Thinking of the summer makes me wish that it would hurry up and get here!

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