Jewel Mint #2

So this is my second piece from Jewel Mint (See my first piece here). You can offically call me obsessed with Jewel Mint, I'm in awe over every piece of jewerly on their website. I've had my eye on this bracelet ever since I placed my last order. One thing I forgot to mention in my last post on Jewel Mint was when you buy a piece of jewerly from them you get a credit from them, which is another way to buy from the website. So last time I ordered from them I got a credit but I did'nt even notice! So its like getting two pieces for the price of one! You can also order more then one piece a month. I just might have to do that this month. If you guys like me to do more post from Jewel Mint let me know in the comments.

This is the Blazing Chain Bracelet it came in a velvet bag with a black envelope with this inside:

I love the fact that the three bracelets are all different and together they make a very unique piece of jewerly. The pink, yellow, and grey are a fabulous color combination and the cystal ball charm adds a little bit of elegance to the whole piece. There is also a cystal chain in the middle of the yellow part of the bracelet. I going to love wearing this during the spring/summer with flowly shirts and dresses.

If you have'nt already checked out Jewel Mint I really advise you too. They have all different types of jewerly for everybody. Plus the shipping is super fast I placed my order on monday and it came it today!