A Beginners Guide to Overwatch ♥ Review + Tips

A Beginners Guide to Overwatch
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you know I'm obsessed with Overwatch. I bought the game late last year and I must be honest I was kind of intimidated of playing Overwatch at first but now I have almost 4 months of game experience and wanted to whip up a beginners guide to those who are interested in playing Overwatch. I mean it wasn't named 'Game of the Year' for no reason!

I tried to fit in as much information without making the game sound confusing or making this post too long. Hopefully, I can encourage some of you to pick up Overwatch. If you are a PS4 player message me on Twitter so we can play together!

A Beginners Guide to Overwatch
"In Overwatch, you control one of several heroes in competitive 6-person team shooting matches. Battle over objectives, take down the other team, and achieve victory."

When you startup Overwatch you see a clip of Winston telling you the backstory of how Overwatch came to be. The whole story can be kind of confusing at first so I will try to summarize the important stuff but check out the official Overwatch site for more information.

Overwatch is set in fictionalized Earth during a 'golden age' where technology is at its peak. Humans create robots with artificial intelligence called the "Omnics". The Omnics turn against on humankind! Didn't see that coming. The United Nations create a group called Overwatch, an international task force to combat the Omnic threat and restore order.

There are a total of 27 heroes at the point I'm writing this but they keep adding characters (they just added Brigitte). The heroes are split into 4 different categories.

Offense - Offense heroes are the damage dealers on their teams. Your goal: seek out, engage, and destroy the enemy.

Defense - Defense heroes control the battlefield, interrupting enemy attacks and fortifying locations. As a defense hero, your job is to stop the opposing team's advance.

Tank - Tank heroes soak damage and break apart fortified positions, like closely-grouped enemies and narrow chokepoints. If you're a tank, you lead the charge.

Support - Support heroes empower their allies, healing and shielding them, boosting their damage, and providing vital utility. As support, you're the backbone of your team's survival.

A Beginners Guide to Overwatch
Game Modes
There are several game modes you can in Overwatch. Check out more about the game modes and maps here.

Arena - Eliminate all opponents.

Assault - Fight to capture a series of objectives and hold off until time runs out.

Assault/Escort - Capture a payload and escort to its destination.

Capture The Flag - Capture the enemy flag while defending their own.

Control - Hold a single objective at a time. The first team to win two rounds wins.

Deathmatch - Score more deaths than their opponents.

Escort - Escort a payload to a delivery point.

Team Deathmatch - Two teams race to score more deaths than their opponents.

Game Play
Every hero has a main weapon they use to attack (short-range, long range, healing, shield, etc.). Every hero also have different abilities so make sure you use a variety of characters when playing to find out their abilities. After you've done enough damage your hero's ultimate will be ready to use (located in the lower center of your screen). Their ultimate is their most powerful ability.

A Beginners Guide to Overwatch
- They keep updating the game! One of my favorite things about Overwatch is that the creators are so invested in this game and keep adding new content to the game.
- The graphics are astonishing! It was the first thing that caught my attention before I even knew anything about Overwatch.
- The heroes! They have an impressive selection of characters to choose from with compelling backstories. D.Va is my main hero if you couldn't tell.

- My biggest issue with Overwatch is that it has no story mode! I honestly hate games that don't have a story because you feel like you lack a certain connection with the game but there is so much Overwatch content online but it's a shame they couldn't add more to the actual game.
- You need a PS Plus account if you are playing on a PlayStation 4. The membership is a monthly $9.99 payment so even if you buy Overwatch at full price you still need to keep paying $10 just to be able to play the game every month. I recommend getting this game for at least half the price or more (I bought my copy on Black Friday). You literally can't get past the start screen without a PS Plus account!

A Beginners Guide to Overwatch
- Train as every character at least once. This really helps you figure out which style you prefer. They have a random character mode that basically forces you to use a different character which is great for newcomers.
- No need to reload your hero does everything automatically!
-After you've died wait until your hero has been revived. At first, I thought you had to use a new hero every time you died, just wait a few seconds.
- Have at least one character in each category that you like to use.
- Train at the practice range to memorize the controls.
- Listen to the opposing characters ultimates so you know when to block the attacks.
- You can turn off voice chat in settings. I'm sorry I play video games because I don't like socialize so please don't talk to me.
- Watch Overwatch gameplays or streams to help you.
- You will die a lot and that's ok because that's how you learn.
- Don't play competitive play! Just kidding but I wouldn't recommend it because some people take this game too seriously. I still can't get into the Overwatch League.
- Remember to listen to your team to know when someone needs healing or wants to group up.
- Loot boxes are how you unlock special customizable content for your players.
- Practice makes perfect! I didn't get any kills until like my third or fourth game.

You can purchase Overwatch here

A Beginners Guide to Overwatch
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Beauty Graveyard #4 ♥ Skincare Empties

Skincare Empties
I've been collecting empty skincare bottles, tubes, and jars to feature in a beauty graveyard post for the past few months. Honestly, I thought I had more to share (maybe they're hiding?) but I could only find these four products. Since I don't post beauty reviews too often anymore I like posting these empties posts to give you a quick review of these products and whether or not they are worth buying.

Skincare Empties
Mizon Multi-Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream
My go-to eye cream has been the Elizavecca Eye Cream but I decided to switch things up and try this eye cream by Mizon. It's half the price and size of the Elizavecca one and contains snail so it must be amazing right? Wrong! Using up this eye cream has been such a chore for the past 2-3 months. It just doesn't moisture, hydrate, brighten, nothing! The cream was very watery and doesn't sink into my skin properly. You get what you pay for with this product (which isn't much).

Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil
I don't see a lot of people talk about the Etude House Real Art Cleaning Oils for some reason so I wanted to see why. It's a pretty decent cleaning oil. While I do prefer thicker cleansing oils the consistency of this cleaning oil didn't really bother me. It's not the best cleansing oil but it makes a fantastic makeup remover, even eliminating waterproof mascara! I would buy a second bottle.

Skincare Empties
Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream
I was really excited to try the Midnight Blue Calming Cream by Klairs. This cream helps calm and soothe redness, strengthen skin barriers and regulate irritated stressed skin. I struggle with red flare-ups on my cheeks every so often so I was hoping this would help reduce them but sadly it didn't do anything. It's not the most affordable cream either and for the amount you get, it's not worth it.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil
This came in a Drunk Elephant NightBright Duo that I bought last summer. I LOVED the night serum but this facial oil just wasn't impressive, to me at least. There weren't any noticeable changes.

Skincare Empties
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My Planner Essentials ♥ Planning 101

My Planner Essentials
A couple years ago I made a post on my planning essentials. Since then I've grown and wanted to make an updated version. I pretty much still use the same items but some things have changed. You don't necessarily need all of these things but I think they may be helpful to those who are new to daily or weekly planning. Hopefully, this will be helpful to some of you.

My Planner Essentials
Happy Planner
I've tried many types of planners in the past like cute Korean planners from eBay, the Bando planner, even random planners from Target. However, my favorite planner is hands down the Medium Happy Planner because of the vertical layout, cute designs, vast amount of writing space, and it's customizable! You can buy different color rings, inserts, covers, etc. If you want a cheaper and cuter version of the Erin Condren planner I highly recommend the Happy Planner they even have a mini version.

My Planner Essentials
The type of pen you use in your planner is very crucial. It took me a while until I found a pen that works best for me so I would say experiment with different pens until you find one that suits you. My favorite is the Pilot Juice pen in 0.5 or 0.7 in black but I also have these in different colors. After buying this set I really loved the 0.5 and 0.7 sizes the best but I also use the .38 for a finer detail.

My Planner Essentials
I use scissors to cut washi tape, stickers, and sticky notes. I don't have any special scissors so I just use embroidery scissors because they're sharp and cut everything easily.

My Planner Essentials
Sticky Notes / Tabs
I use note tabs to write down important dates and events. Later when I'm planning my week I will reference these tabs. You can use any notepads but I prefer to use note tabs instead because they're cuter. I use bigger sticky notes and place them on days when I don't have a lot going on like the weekends.

My Planner Essentials
Sticker Book
If you've seen my other stationery posts then you know I'm a huge fan of cute stickers. It's my number one favorite way to decorate my planner.

My most used stickers are from Sprinkled Pug but I also have some from various Etsy sellers and lately, I've been using stickers from Hello Paper Cat. I keep most of my stickers organized in a sticker book. Having a sticker book makes it easier for me to flip through the stickers I have in my collection. You can find these photo books in the photography or frame section of any craft store for a few dollars (mine cost a dollar!). I inserted that Eevee print on the cover, the print is from SharodactylArt.

My Planner Essentials
Adhesive Roller
This isn't something I normally see in other people's planner essentials but I can't live without it, tape runners! An easy to use roll-on tape without any mess. I've tried using glue sticks but I always manage to get sticky everywhere so I use a tape runner instead. My favorite is the Scotch Adhesive Roller but it's usually sold out in stores so I buy the heart patterned ones (and star) which work but aren't as good as the original one.

Correction Tape
White-out is crucial especially if you write in pen. I love using these cute milk bottles correction tape to cover up my mistakes.

My Planner Essentials
Paper Clips / Bookmarks
Bookmarks, paper clips, page dividers, etc, can always be found in my planner! I always have one to keep my spot of the current week and one in the monthly calendar. Bookmarks make it easy to access the important pages in my planner.

I love the magnetic bookmarks from Hello Paper Cat because they're sleek and come in cute designs. The Disney paper clips are from an Etsy shop that sadly isn't around anymore. The cloud bookmark is from Love Neen. I use the cloud more in my Travelers Notebook because it's easy to slide in and out.

My Planner Essentials
Washi Tape
Washi tape is my second favorite way to decorate my planner with. I use thin colored washi to cover the headers in my Happy Planner and patterned washi to line the bottom of the pages.

What are your planner essentials?

My Planner Essentials
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