Coffee Chat #2

Coffee Chat
#1 Color swatch nails have been my latest obsession. I saw them on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu first and loved the look so I decided to recreate them myself. Last week I painted them purple, this week I went with a pink color scheme and next week I plan on going with a turquoise theme. It really easy! All you need is 5 nail polishes within the same color family.

#2 Every time I do these 30-day yoga challenges I notice how weak my back is. Which I find ironic because I heard that yoga is supposed to make your back stronger.

#3 I posted my first crochet pattern of the year this week. My goal is to post 1-2 patterns a month. I have also decided to continue the BT21 series because I've been getting comments to create the rest of the characters so I will! My plan is to post one BT21 pattern a month. I will be posting my next BT21 pattern later this month!

#4 I've been really loving JYP's new boy group, Stray Kids. I loved "Hellevator" when I first listened to it and now I can't get "Grrr" out of my head, it's been on loop ever since it was released! Since I can't add JYP music to my Spotify playlists I decided to share it on here in case you haven't heard of them.

#5 This week I posted my top 17 songs of 2017 plus I updated my blog playlist so if you are interested to give it a listen.

#6 Are you a coffee or tea person? Tea is alright but I'm a coffee addict all the way! I just prefer the strong flavor of coffee. I've tried adding two tea bags in my cup but all I ever taste is water and I leave my tea bags in for the entire time! Don't get me wrong I do enjoy tea but if I had to choose between the two coffee will always win my heart.

#7 Sorry if this week's coffee chat wasn't interesting. Nothing interesting happened to me this week so there wasn't much to report.

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My Top 17 Kpop Songs of 2017

My Top 17 Kpop Songs of 2017
Over the weekend I put together my 2017 Kpop playlist (playlist on the side of blog). The playlist contains over 70 songs but that seemed too long so I decided to condense the playlist and pick my personal favorite 17 songs. I decided to pick 17 because I'm so indecisive that picking 5 or 10 would be too difficult so I choose 17 which was still hard! Here are my top 17 picks in no particular order.

1. Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo
When this song came out I had it on repeat pretty much all day. I also loved Red Flavor and Rookie wasn't horrible but Peek-A-Boo was my favorite song that Red Velvet released this year.

2. KARD - You In Me

3. TAEMIN - Move

4. Epik High - Home Is Far Away
The whole We've Done Something Wonderful album is spectacular so make sure to listen to it if you haven't especially if you love the Hip-hop/Rap side of Kpop. Some of my favorites include Love Story, Here come the Regrets, Bleed, and Lost Ones.

5. ZICO - Artist

6. BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last

7. Highlight - Plz Don't Be Sad
The best song that Highlight could've rewarded their fans with.

8. Twice - Heart Shaker
I wasn't a huge fan of Twice's 2017 releases. Knock Knock and Signal were alright songs and I couldn't stand Likey but Twice won me back with Heart Shaker.

9. Jonghyun - Lonely (Ft. Taeyeon)

10. SUNMI - Gashina

11. B.A.P - Honeymoon

12. BTS - Not Today
Literally, my go-to song when I have one of those "I can't even" moments.

LOONA released amazing songs in 2017 but some of my favorite songs were by the sub-unit, ODD EYE CIRCLE. Once these girls finally debut they are going to take over!

14. EXO - Universe

15. DAY6 - All Alone
DAY6 released a song a month along with extra songs so it was sooooooo tough picking just one song. But All Alone was one of my favorites because of the lyrics hence why I picked it. I may make a separate post on my favorite songs from the Every Day6 project.

16. GOT7 - You Are

17. The Rose - Sorry

My Top 17 Kpop Songs of 2017
Are you a K-pop fan? What was your favorite song released in 2017?

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Pusheen Card ♥ Crochet Pattern

Pusheen Card Crochet Pattern
Over the weekend my younger sister turned 18 years old. For her birthday I made crocheted her a Pusheen birthday card because she's a huge Pusheen fan and she really loved the Christmas card I made her. She even displayed it in her room and she never does that when I make her things. I really loved the way my card turned out so I decided to share the pattern with you guys so you can make for the Pusheen fans in your life.

Pusheen Card Crochet Pattern
- Light grey worsted yarn (I used a bulky one because it was the only yarn I had but I recommend using a worsted one for this pattern)
- Dark grey worsted yarn
- H/5.0 mm crochet hook
- 2-3 blank cards
- Tape runner or double-sided tape
- Yarn needle
- Black felt
- Scissors
- No-sew glue

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dec - decrease
Flo - front loop only
(x2) - repeat __ amount of times

Pusheen Card Crochet Pattern
Follow the pattern that I posted here

Ears (make 2)
- ch 7, sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- ch 1, dec 1 st, sc 2 sts, dec 1 st. Total = 4 sts
- ch 1, dec 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
cut off

Sew both ears right before the row where the front loop stitches start. Weave in ends.

Pusheen Card Crochet Pattern
- with light grey yarn, ch 4 sts, sc 3 sts. Total = 3 sts
- cc to dark grey yarn, ch 1, sc 3 sts (x2). Total = 3 sts
- cc to light grey, ch 1, sc 3 sts. Total = 3 sts
- cc to dark grey, ch 1, sc 3 sts (x2). Total = 3 sts
- cc to light grey, ch 1, sc 3 sts. Total = 3 sts
- cc to dark grey, ch 1, sc 3 sts. Total = 3 sts
- ch 1, dec 1 st, slst last st. Total = 2 sts
cut off, weave in ends

Sew the first 2 rows of the tail down on the backside of the card.

Surface crochet Pusheen's marks with the dark grey yarn, I crocheted 4 sts and left 2 rows in-between each mark, weave in yarn strands.

For Pusheen's face use felt to cut out her eyes, mouth, and whiskers. Glue down with a no-sew glue and press to secure felt pieces.

After you have sewn everything down its time to glue the cards down. Using a tape runner or double-sided tape, tape 2-3 blank cards together. Fold "hamburger style" to create the standard card shape. Open and place glue all over one side and carefully place the glue to the inside of the Pusheen card. Press to secure and lay open for the glue to dry. Done!

Pusheen Card Crochet Pattern
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