Second Colourpop Order ♥ Fall Edit Haul

Colourpop Haul
After my first order with Colourpop I knew that I would order from them again because I really loved the quality products. So when Colourpop was having a free shipping offer on all orders a couple days ago I decided to place an order and get a few of their fall items that caught my eye's.

Colourpop Haul
I got three items this time. An eye shadow, a ultra matte lip and one of their lip sets that contains three lip products. I love how Colourpop includes these cute corny note cards with each package (I also cheesy jokes!)

Colourpop Haul
Colourpop Haul
Colourpop Haul
The Up and Away set contains Mama, Calypso and Love Bug. Calypso is a Ultra Satin Lip and the other two are a Ultra Matte Lips. I only bought this kit because it was a steal ($15 for 3 instead of $18). I only wanted Calypso but after swatching the other two on my lips I decided to also keep Love Bug. I gave Mama to my sister because I'm not a fan of bright reds. I noticed that the application on both Mama and Love Bug wasn't as easy to apply as the other Ultra Matte Lips that I own.

Colourpop Haul
The other lippie I decided to get was Bianca. This color has been on my wishlist since I placed my last order. It's soft mauve pink. It's pretty similar to Calypso but it's a matte and has a pink undertone.

Colourpop Haul
I decided to try an eye shadow from Colourpop this time. I wanted a color that I could use in my inner corners so I went with Paisley. This was also part of one of Colourpop's fall collections. It's described as "Sheer golden ivory laced with tons of multi-coloured sparkle in a Glitter Sheer finish". I also kind of disappointed with this color because for some reason I was expecting an opaque highlighter colored with reflex of glitter but instead I got a sheer shadow with tons of sparkle. It's my fault though for not reading the description properly. It's still a gorgeous eye shadow but it's just not what I was hoping for.

Colourpop Haul
Have you ordered anything from Colourpop recently?

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Pumpkin Crazy ♥ The Weekend Guide #29

The Weekend Guide
Happy Friday! This week I made pumpkin pancakes, baked pumpkin scones and attempted to make a homemade pumpkin spice latte (I failed btw) and this weekend I'm planning to carve a jack-o-lantern! I even have pumpkin flavored cereal and pumpkin pie Larabars waiting for me to devour! I've also been burning the pumpkin cupcake candle from Bath and Body Works every night since the beginning of October, it's my favorite scent at the moment. So I guess you can say I'm a little pumpkin crazy. The thing is I actually really love the taste of pumpkin. It's very comforting and makes me feel cozy inside. I also think that Halloween encourages the pumpkin love because of the jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin picking. True pumpkin is overall an autumn thing but by mid November I guarantee that my pumpkin craze will have died down (expect for pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, of course!).

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Are you a fans of pumpkin flavored everything?

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A Day In Numbers ♥ 10-19-16

A Day In Numbers
I've seen at least 2 day in numbers posts this month so I took it as a sign to make one of my own. What I love about these posts is that they're short and to the point. You can tell so much by someone's day based on these posts. Since today I had work I decided to jot down my day in numbers yesterday instead because my work day in numbers probably wouldn't be as fun as a rest day in numbers.

9 am is when I got out of bed
3 text messages I woke up to
8 oz of water I drank in the morning
5 pumpkin pancakes I made for breakfast (I only ate 3)
7 times Lucy barked because she locked herself in our spare room
2 snacks I had before lunch
3 pm is what time it was when I woke up from a nap
10 nails I painted using the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
16 oz of coffee I drank
15 dollars I spend on a pastel pink bat sweatshirt from HM
12 Pumpkin scones I baked last night
5 Halloween Tsum Tsums which are displayed on my Tsum Tsum shelf
6 episodes of Gilmore Girls I watched
8 glitter spiders that are hung around my room
31 reps I did of the 5 daily TIU moves
12 Twice teasers I've watched (Can't wait for their new song!)
8 Products I use in my daily night skincare routine
11 more day until Halloween!

Describe your day in numbers!

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